Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LCSG Southern Taiwan day 2 9th Dec 2012

How it looks from our hotel room
We prayed that the rain would stop at Sun moon lake this morning... at 5am, I woke up to the dripping rain... it was not to be. Very chilling at 13 degrees... good for sleeping....
"lor horr... cannot ride" 
Encik Lim George actually went for a morning recce to see the road condition... We caught him as he return, slightly damp but smiling. "too slippery, no go...."   We had breakfast as a group and decided to have a tour around the water line of SML (Sun Moon Lake)

Nick did his "rain dance" and it worked!! It stopped raining!
real veggies at the tourist centre
Got 8 speed some more
We went to the SML visitor center and it was relatively quiet due to the rain. As we walked around, the rain slowed and stopped. We rushed back to the Sun Moon lake Teacher hostel to activate the bicycles. The view on of the lake by bicycle was nice...  wet road mean we went slowly and stopped every 100 m to take photos. haha ...Well we were tourist aren't we? The cold weather was great, no sweating and view just wonderful.  Also the rain meant lesser tourists, I could imagine the hordes of tourists coming down from the tour bus.
So happy to be cycling!
Desmond looking at Sun Moon Lake

That's why we bring our bicycles... so nice!
Smiling with a slight drizzle

Our steel steeds on the Van - that's Guo Ger
Later on, we packed the bicycles, luggage and went toward the direction of Ken Ding .... along the way we had yummy Beef noodles, and more good stuff.  Of course we stopped at the Giant shop.. and shop! Tomorrow we will experience the crazy "lou san feng" - headwinds of Ken Ding....
Shopping at Giant shop, Sun Moon Lake 
Pink is very in... 
Encik George with Ah Mo and Cayla
Full set of Photo 

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