Sunday, April 21, 2013

13th April 21, 2013 Sat, Day 1 of the Taiwan trip

13th April 21, 2013. Sat, Day 1
Singapore- Taipei- Pingxi - Fulong  
Full set of photos here
We took the mid night flight to Taipei using Scoot. The flight was uneventful and the check in was smooth. 
Reaching TaoYuan Airport.  I feel like a flock of elephants..
Reaching the airport, we had to wait for the telephone shop to open at 7am to get our Taiwan SiM card. A nice touch of Tao Yuan airport was that it had charging station which gave our smartphone a much needed boost.  
The problem of a modern lifestyle... everything need to charge
everyone chipped in and helped move the bike boxes into the van
Pierre the strong man!
The bike boxes was quickly uploaded to the cargo van with good cooperation among the team.  
Hamming for the camera at a breakstop
Icon of Ping Xi  
First stop was Ping Xi (Sky Lantern Place).  This is a small village in the mountains, which visitors go to for the “Sky lantern”. We decorated our lanterns with wishes and hopes and let it rise up in the sky. Many wished for good weather and safe journeys… let’s see if it works tomorrow. 
LCSG Resident Artist doing his thing

Momo, Esther chipping in
we did 2 lanterns!
Group Photo at the lantern launch site.. the railway track
Ready for takeoff
Flying high and bringing our wishes along...  Clear skies, please!
Along the way, we were also “ambushed” by good food and it was quite a challenge trying everything. Yes, the fun has started!
Come to Taiwan, must eat Twn Sasuage mah.. 
This is what happens when someone orders food... 
Feeding hubby
Nice water grating plate at Ping Xi
After Ping Xi, we were driven to Fulong Hotel, Eastern tip of Taipei. It faces the sea and felt like holiday spot. The rain was abit over cast and drizzled on/off. But still the mood was great, every one gathered their luggage and busied themselves setting up the bike. 
Our room at Fulong Hotel
Momo is so happy! Can swim!
Here are some of hotel area and after a long flight. It looks great!
I love the bath room. That's some view! 
ahhh life!
nice view!


  1. So glad u had so much fun in TW Bro TW! :)

    1. Hello Bro Al, it was really fun and now catching up with work and Blogging... stay tuned!