Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LCSG goes to Taiwan 2013 - The route and plan

This is the planned route by Encik George and Guo Ger. 
Day 1, 13 Apr '13
Fly from Singapore to Taipei. From the airport we will head to Fu Long. We will be staying at Fulong hotel. Perhaps do a ride around the bike path.Hotel address
* 台北福隆-福容大饭店(原福隆贝悦酒店)
TEL:(02)2499-2381 FAX:(02)2499-1211
Day 2, 14 Apr '13 
Ride from Fulong to Chiaohsi (礁溪)
Distance 70km. We will be staying at  Jiaosi spring Hotel (礁溪山泉大飯店)
Day 3, 15 Apr '13
Morning Vehicle Transport to Cilan national park (棲蘭國家森林公園),
Ride from Cilan National park (棲蘭國家森林公園)  to Tai ping shan (太平山莊).
Distance 30km evelation 2200m . (This is the section that will stress my knees)

Day 4, 16 Apr '13
Ride from  Tai Ping Shan(太平山莊) to 翠峰湖 Distance 20km. This is the downhill section. Vehicle Transport to 花莲.Stay at 国哥 Place. Ride around Hualien
Day 5,17 Apr '13
Ride around 花莲 Distance 60km. Li Yu Tan Reservoir and Seven Star beach

Day 6, 18 Apr '13
Ride from 花莲 to Mu gu Mu yu (慕谷慕鱼) 80km. This is slopely and like Taroko gorges
Day 7 19 Apr '13
Train ride to Taipei. 9 or 10 am Train schedule
Day 8-11 , 20 - 23 Apr '13
Free & Easy at Taipei. We will be staying NenJiang hotel at Xi mengting


  1. Pls look after yr knees Bro TW. If siong, up lorry is the best decision. Enjoy a trip and Godspeed.

    1. Thank you Bro Al, yah its aching now after the quick "Q" ride.

  2. I can see why u r keen on E-bike... hee hee. My bro in law tried in and he was amazed at how fun it is. Pai kar folks like us, v useful la.

    1. Ebike is the way to go with the population growing older with more creaky knees. I am waiting for Brompton "E" front wheel module. Then, it would be a simple plug and play. Oh, also a front hub for Dummy.

  3. Participants are able to visit local bicycle Shops?

  4. Wua ! Nice leh ! i learn a bit more abt bike packing from ur site, Taiwoon.
    maybe next time i will join in bike tour with u guys.

    this friday (12 April) i will be doing a 14 days Japan Brompton vacation
    along with my 2 frens.

    if anyone is curious, can go to my blog to have a look. :)

    1. Nice work and planning! Ride safe and I look forward to reading ur adventures too!