Monday, August 8, 2016

The taiwan 7-11 coffee and what it means to me

I first experienced this drink at our cycling trips to Taiwan and I will attempt to explain to you the craze that is hitting Singapore shores from my perspective.   
The Taiwan 7-11 coffee/milk tea drink that is blazing its way to Singapore
It has a special place in our hearts because we really had a great time cycling in Taiwan. One of the "attractions" cycling in Taiwan was their amazing 7-11 and Family mart culture. 
This is how it looks outside 7-11 when we "raid" the shop

Esther and her "loot" 
Singapore cycling continent reviewing the product lineup at the 7-11 
for the kids.. it was a ball of fun sticking the coupons!
So much so integral to Taiwanese culture, the Taiwan convenience store have been actually written about at the Wall Street Journal! 
It's not like the your usual Singapore version but imagine a POWER packed one that u can find many choices of snacks, hot food, Onden(like our yong tau foo on sticks), pay ur bills, free wifi and just hang around. Yes, its nice to chill around the place. Sounds crazy but it's true.
If you are big on buying online stuff, u can also get it delivered to, or send from the 7-11 store. Its the ultimate "Swiss army knife"- everything can be done, found there!
Specifically for the aspiring Taiwan Round island cyclists.This relative nugget of information is really helpful. Imagine you are cycling for 5 days and you are too tired to carry your panniers. Don't worry, you can send stuff u don't need, like your laptop, dirty underwear, clothes forward to your preferred/nearest spots. 
BTW,  Read how fun it is to ride in Taiwan from Chris Wee.
unforgettable route 9
rolling with good company and views... 
So imagine when you had a great time cycling, looking at the lovely views and then popping into the 7-11 to grab a drink (usually for me, the blue cofffee bottle). The combination of the pleasant cycling memories, chats with friends and coffee fragrances became merged as one and becomes "MAGICAL!" It's something really to be experienced to understand. 
And I still can't get my Taiwan coffee fix at the local 7-11.....  haha.