Friday, June 11, 2010

momo and her strawberry bike

It was late in the evening and on our way back from granny home. I found momo a bit sad and whinny... So I decided to bring her downstairs to ride her bicycle... immediately a smile on her face! The nice thing is that we saw mr snail...

How time flies, I bought the bicycle about 6months back and she barely could touch the pedals.. Actually, what happened was that we were out strolling at Changi village and there was a neighbourhood bicycle shop. Parked outside the shop was a nice strawberry colored children bicycle... she sat on it and smiled so nicely to us... What can I do... so we bought it and strawberry bike back .

Fast forward... 6months... she is now beginning to learn to pedal on her own power... and  it is very happy to watch her grow...


  1. Momo smiling on her bike brings back memories of my own first tricycle, actually with a pessenger seat in the back! My 3 older sisters rode it together and broke it in half! I was so devastated my mum immediately got me another one, this time single seater. I still have the picture of me riding in the bike, just like Momo.

  2. hahahah...super cool! send me the pics.. I post it here!