Sunday, July 4, 2010

morning ride at Jalan balrat

There is beauty everywhere.. this is a wonderful place near my home.  I stay around pungol area and from my window I can see the waterline and also development around it. I have always wondered where the new road leads too... so  One early morning I rode my bike to check out the place...  Jalan Balrat... it is an small island off Pungol which is now connected to Seletar air base.

Riding silently, I found my way to the edge of the coastline. There I stood looking at the waterline as the sun rose slowly... beautiful.  Simple pleasures of life. Next time, I will bring ah mo to see this. Wonder how long this place will be like this given the rate of development in Singapore.  Here are some pics. and more at my flickr


This is just pass the fencing off Punggol

This is Singapore... so nice and quiet

Colors of the sky...

Found this very big mushroom community at the side of the road... it is big!

Riding pass seletar airbase while the sun is rising


  1. those mushroom looks like breakfast, nice :P

  2. not sure if they can be eaten...but I was really shocked to see them so big... maybe we can see them on the ride..