Saturday, October 30, 2010

Riding around Shingawa area - 29th Oct 2010

I woke up early and checked the weather.. yes. It was not raining like yesterday.  I have 30 mins to spare ... so I pushed out my bike and did a neighbourhood  slow ride. And yes, it was lovely weather and really peaceful.  Also saw alot of cyclist in different shapes and sizes....the place is great for cyclist with dedicated bike lanes. Times are really changing...way to go Japan!
bike lanes

Sign:"for bicycle use only" how cool is that

view of the river and lots of sea gulls

some don't like water

nice and quiet ride along the river
Map of the place

mamachari in action

Stylish lady with 3" heels and handbag riding to work..


  1. LOL Riding around Shingawa area - 29th August

    haha 29th October

    nice pictures

  2. nice Taiwoon. From the map it looks like you can follow the GREEN path much like the PCN in Singapore. Riding in Japan is very different feeling right? I miss that!

  3. @Andy, thats what u get when u have been walking for the whole day and come back at 11pm and trying to type... I am seeing stars..

    @ Francis, yes.. it feels really nice. like on river ride we always do.. but with cooler weather. Thanks for the "bring the bike along" advice.. it is great!

  4. Keep those pics coming TW. Have fun, ride safe and eat well in Nihon land :)

  5. Haha, having your own wheels when traveling is like upgrade to you own special class - better than 1st class travel I would say.

  6. if only singapore was like this.......

  7. Look at the lady in the pink cruiser bike. SG does have but rare. If only SGians are more disciplined in not stealing peoples' bikes

  8. Brandon, my Japanese friend tell me they also have bikes stolen. So it happens in Japan too.. Same rules.. keep ur bike within eye reach.. dun lock outside if u cant lose it.