Friday, November 19, 2010

Kim and Carryme

A small revolution is happening around the office and I am being asked more about bicycles and more on folding bikes. So today I went down with Joe to help him find a nice folding bike.. .he was actually aiming for the Reach SL folding racing bike which he could use for triathlon. And he mentioned about Diginexx.. so we went along to see see look look. But I was more interested in the  most funny bike in the stable.. the Pacific Carry me.  It was twitchy as hell and the brakes didn't work that well... but it made me laugh. And I noticed one very crazy thing.. everyone who rode it laughed and smiled alot!  Man, I got to have it.. and I chose a Ferrari red one and brought it home. Expecting to be reprimanded.. but Kim smiled when I showed the bike to her.. and she tried it at the void deck.... and she smiled and went zipping around...  What a lovely feeling! I am getting another.. because it is so fun!

More photos here..http://www.flickr.com/photos/taiwoon/sets/72157625299130725/with/5189202547/
momo and mummy

chasing each other

Momo and Kim vying for Carryme
Folded mode 


  1. Yor CEO so understanding...if it for me, I wld be slaughtered, fried and dried! LOL.

  2. hahha.. matt...I was prepared to be "executed" but lucky she smiled when she saw it.. my tag line was ... it made me laugh... and it did! LOL!

  3. Wow it looks compact! Why not you attach some sort of bicycle seat, then you and your wife along with Momo can ride together with LoveCyclingSG on Sunday!

  4. Wonderful! Taiwoon. Now I am looking forward to see your whole family riding very soon. LOL

  5. Congrats on the CM. For its intended purpose, I think nothing comes close :)


  6. I love the CarryMe. The bike is so compact when folded that I can take it on commercial flights and stow it above my head as a carry-on. Yet, the 2 speed DS model really gets up and goes!


  7. Congratulations on the Carryme! These little bikes really are wonderfully engineered and so much fun to ride. The perfect bike IMO for urban riding and sightseeing.


  8. yes... so glad I got 2 of these.. yah bro Al, I just did a sunday ride using one of the carrymes.. work beautifully! I have a work trip this coming week to Japan.. and I will one up to ride around in the early mornings

  9. whr do you buy this?

  10. I got from Diginexx. Now u can get from Ewalker