Sunday, January 9, 2011

Timbuk2 handlebar bag

This is the Timbuk2 Handlebar mounted on my brompton which I got from Lifecycle. It is a handlebar bag which can be transformed into pouch bag. The mounting to the bike by velcro and works well.  I got it because it is pretty useful for the short jaunts around town and my daily morning rides. It can hold a small notebook, a small digital camera ,keys, phone and wallet.  Looking at it closeup, it is well made...on the packaging..it says "Crazy-tough Nylon with water resistant liner"... let's see how well it can take my rubbish. More detailed review after I use this for some time.  Photos to show how it all fits with my brompton. Nice right?
nice touch - Timbuk logo is a loop to attach lights
velcro strap to mount on handlebar

looking from the side. Small and neat.
Separate Zipper compartment 
Main Compartment. I put my notebook to show scale


  1. Hey how much did you get it for?

  2. Hi I like to buy one! Where is the shop? How much is one?

  3. Lifecycle at 18 Gemmil lane. Look for Simon. $69 with 15% if u are on foldie.. :)
    more details here -- http://www.facebook.com/notes/lifecycle/product-review-timbuk2-handlebar-bag/142871712436579

  4. Why not just put it bag facing you?(While riding)

  5. Taiwoon that looks great! Fits your bike. Your pics are like for publicising the product! Nice!

  6. haha.. I got my 50mm prime lens and thats why the images have very nice depth of view. Also wanted to help out a friend who happens to have a very cool bike, lifestyle shop. And really, the bag is pretty well made and good for foldies.. not just for bromptons.

    @ Starringme - correct, u can make the bag face u too.. I have a waterbottle clamp spot(which will face me, not in the picture)