Monday, October 10, 2011

ah mo learns to ride

9th Oct is my birthday. I decided to spend it with the people who are the pillars in my life. Ah momo and Kim. 0630, my girl ran to my bed and woke me up. "Happy birthday papa... can we have Mac donald's :)" How not to? After the breakfast, I asked what she want to do.. and really lah.. she said. "Ride my bike"... So we did. I took my carryme, firstbike and ah mo strawberry bike out of the door. Momo stopped me then and requested that I re-install the pedals back on her strawberry bike. Ok, I did and after a warm up on the first bike. She took her strawberry bike. And yes, she did it! Pedalled 8 metres on the first few tries! Smiling ear to ear, me and my wife was there to witness our champion first time riding a bike! What a wonderful birthday gift!


  1. what a touching story.
    ah momo may secretly wish that every sunday is her daddy's birthday. But missing you she will be very motivated to learn quickly to ride. audrey

  2. @Audrey. thanks and I was glad my wife had her camera ready when the magic moment happened!

  3. Wonderful! Thanks TW, it is really touching. It reminds me watching the first time my kids learn how to ride a bike.. It's just like magic, suddenly they "got it" and started to pedal and pedal, keeping from falling by "following the bike". Haha..

  4. yes Francis, indeed. This is a moment that I will always remember:)