Monday, December 12, 2011

Gabriel and his AM-20 and why he rides!

Very de light... the wallet I mean haha
Romping at Bukit Brown
Zipping @ Pengarang...chasing down the lobsters..
This is Gabriel Yeap,  who joined LCSG recently.. and he is the red coool Alex Moulton 20 owner..this is how he got to know us..... Very good to meet u, Gabriel! Keep on riding! 
"Previously my Sundays were spent over languid breakfasts and kiting in the afternoon. And it’s this group of kiting kakis that helped rekindle cycling for me. Turns out, some of them have been at it for quite some time. 
 A morning ride through the lovely Punggol waterway on a friend’s bike allowed me to see how convenient it is to ride about Singapore via the PCN networks and how the Government has invested in beautifying these areas of sport and leisure.
 Several names were tossed about by my kiting kakis. I had to weigh factors like performance, portability and design. Smaller wheeled bicycles quickly drew my interest as I used to associate them with the more senior/domestic demographics. It quickly dawned on me that they could easily keep pace in terms of speed and performance with regular bikes.
 Moulton was one of the names that was suggested by my friends. My first glimpse of the gorgeous truss-like space frame left me smitten. This lovely geometry of strength and lightness appealed to me on many levels. Moulton’s heritage coupled with its industrial chic frames spoke to my sense of aesthetic.
 While scouring the Net for more information, I stumbled upon TaiWoon’s MoultonSingapore blog. There I found some links to Japanese custom shops. I have a soft spot for all things Japanese and customization options are always a plus. In no time I had saved several images of custom-made Moultons to ogle from. I also sent an email to one of these shops enquiring about the custom process, time and cost implications. Unfortunately, the waiting list was about a year. 
 Fast forward and after several test rides on different bikes and some friendly nudges in the right direction, I’m now a proud owner of a Moulton AM20. It comes stocked with parts that more than make up for my current lack of leg power. 
 The icing on the cake comes in the form of the Love Cycling SG group that my former kiting kakis introduced me to. This group of dedicated individuals invest their personal time and effort into planning and organizing these weekly rides for a huge herd of cyclists. This passion also extends to the safety and fun factor of these rides.  Cycling with my kakis and/or the LCSG group is really what makes me feel best about getting a bike. 
" - Gabriel Yeap

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