Saturday, December 10, 2011

A hit and run case involving a cyclist

Thru facebook, I got to know of this traffic accident on the 8th Dec morning  It involved a cyclist who was riding in a popular cycling route - Changi coastal road, near the cargo loading area. The most horrible thing is that the motorist ran away after hitting the guy! FYI, the cyclists is still in a critical stage and in ICU.  The family is appealing to the public if anyone have seen this accident.
To the driver of the silver lorry.  Please think of the cyclist you have hit. What you did was wrong and running away is not solve it. Think of his family, children and friends.


  1. those comments on stomp are also pretty sickening

  2. Yah man... I want to puke... I did a double take when I read one of the comments...wow.... "deviLurve said on 9 Dec, 2011 Report as offensive
    although this is technically the lorry's fault but the cyclist need to also take some responsibilities.
    You expect people to drive SLOWLY behind your pathetic bike while u hog the road? ofcz they will try to cut lane, or honk at you.
    chances are, this cyclist might be tired and slow down the speed, and the lorry behind him cannot brake in time?
    hope he recover from his injuries soon.
    p.s i don't drive =) so i'm not bias towards the driver ^^, just my view"

  3. Being a driver and an ex roadie before, I sympathise with the cyclist. I gave up road biking 5 yrs ago after a fellow young riding partnet ended up in ICU after an accident, much due to riding mistakes, luckily, he pulled through. I have seen reckless riding and driving by cyclists n drivers alike. Ride along Thomson rd on any weekwnd and you would know. Ultimately, it is the cyclist who pays the price. The car can be replaced, but life is a lot more precious. just think about that. For now, I am on my foldie with my son on PCNs.

  4. well said, I also drive , bike and cycle. The biggest joke is that by law, we are supposed to ride on the road... but at certain stretches of SG roads it is not safe, actually very dangerous for cyclist. Like Farrer road or upper serangoon. Some how, despite all the safety promotion it is not working. I still ride on road and super cautious. Blinkers and bright clothing. Also if I feel the cars, bus too aggressive. I stop and get off the road. No point to be right but dead. I will even cycle on pavement if I have too.
    BTW, we are also doing our bit to share the "blackspot" on SG roads. Link is here... pls have a look and before u head off to ride. Welcome u to put in more detail... http://smallwheelsbigsmile.blogspot.com/2011/11/singapore-hazardous-cycling-areas-map.html

  5. Here's to hoping that the driver pulls through. Even if this was an accident, the driver made things worse by running away. The accident has become a crime because the driver decided to run and leave another person seriously injured.

  6. Well, I believe there is a law that says bikes have a right of way whenever they are on a cycling route. The driver knows this, and avoiding the law's penalty is a graver sin.

  7. This is so kind of you to share… If the family knew about this, they would definitely give you their thanks. I wonder how this case is goin' now. Hm. His loved ones are probably looking forward to the decision.

  8. This is terrible news. Alecia is right: granted that it was an accident, running away from your responsibility is a mistake. I hope the cyclist is alright.

  9. Hi all, thank you for your kind concern. I'm the one who got hit. In the end, my pelvis was fractured in two places, rib fractured, right arm torn from shoulder socket and 4 vertebrae were shattered. I ended up with major spinal surgery and now 16 out of 24 vertebrae are permanently fused with two titanium rods and more than 20 screws. Thankfully there were no internal injuries and my helmet was cracked. I'm now able to walk, but in constant pain everyday. depending on the pain level, I sometimes have to use a walking cane or on bad days, a quad stick. I now have a Class 1 handicap parking label and am totally banned from all sports, now leading a sedentary lifestyle.