Sunday, December 18, 2011

17th Dec 2011 LCSG Light up a child's life event @ Pertapis Children Home.

LCSG with Pertapis helpers @ Pertapis children home
This is a classic Lovecyclingsg event which is why I love being a part of LCSG. We started talking about a xmas event late Oct and decided as a team that most important part of Christmas is about giving and sharing. We chose to help Pertapis children home. Some information about the Pertapis children home. In sumary, they take care of children from 3-13 year old, usually referred by MCSY or Juvenile courts.  We got to know about Pertapis through Steven Lim and Zack, who have previously helped/attended charity events at Pertapis.   When I looked at the children during the intial meet up, I knew that we got to help and make a bright day in their lives.
A flurry of Facebook and forum communications later... it was set!  Many riders expressed their interest and we started to help make it happen.  Andy yap, in his silent and super effective manner. Stepped up and helped to manage all the pledges. It was an amazing tasked given the numerous questions and number of riders... but he made it all look so simple. Thanks, Andy for all ur hard work!
Mary, Zack, Clarence and Andy doing last min checking of the gifts... making sure no kids will be disappointed..

To make it extra special,  we have requested the children to write down their preferred presents, limited to $20 value. on a small heart shape cards(made by Esther and Joel),  Middle of Nov, the presents list was send to LCSG and the task of shopping was led by Mary, her daughter Kennis, Andy yap, KSL, Eman, Boo, Steven Tang, Tiger, Steven Lim and many more. Buying each gift and wrapping them up... quite a task I must say. Some interesting items included a music CD by a young singer(forgot the name..) and a sms texting device... luckily we had Kennis, Eman who knew what it was and the out of touch uncle and aunties could breathe easily at last...whew!
Really...this is one of the child's request... and it was Eman and KSL helped find it! Thanks!
On Sat, the LCSG  crew assembled at Pertapis Children home at Kovan road. Show time... It was a bustling of activities, some were playing with the very young kids, while Steven Tang did an excellent job with the girls. The laughter and the energies of the St Marget girls(Steven tennis protegies) was infectious. I peeked and saw plenties of smiles...wonderful! It was raining pretty heavily then and what was supposed to be a soccer match was changed to Carrom session. Small boys and old boys played together and laughed. The rain didn't stopped the fun I must say...  But of course the highlight for the kids was the presents giving time. As the names of each child was shouted out.. the rest cheered and clapped. And the child eyes lit up... and the same for our riders.
Angels Mary, Rezal and Zack... giving out the presents
One moving moment was Mary screaming "do u want another present??? whooooohoo?? and the children screamed yes!.. haha.. Never see our glam queen Mary so onz!! And I was glad and very happy. Because I saw really genuine, kind folks who came, and gave beyond what they needed to do and the sparkling eyes and heart melting smiles from all around. The children, especially was beaming ...  Mus, a young boy I befriended was so happy... he keep telling me... "Nerf gun...yeahh!!! I like!"
Want another presents??? I can't hear you!!! Scream Aunty Mary
Boo giving out a present to a smiling friend
St Margret girls and Steven Tennis protegies came to help too! Thank you!
Nice buffet from Audrey and company, thanks! 
Oh...forgot to mention the food. ... we were also very grateful for Audrey Wong and her company for sponsoring partially the Super delicious Buffet ... Thanks.
Simple words... but mean so much!  Awesome! 
I end this blog account with this. Thank you for all to make this Light up a children life event a success. Without the efforts of all of you, this wouldn't be possible. Awesome!!!! You are all angels and I am glad to be part of such a cool cycling team with such big heart. You lighted up my life and of course the children's hearts too! Thank you! 

PS: Due to the sensitive nature, the children were not present in the photos.
more photo here and here 


  1. it was awesome because of all the kindness from LCSG riders and families. No VIP, no MPs... just direct from the heart!

  2. it's an AWESOME experience , Thank you :)

  3. Hi. Curious at how do you & others meet for riding? If one has a big bicycle that is not allowed on trains & bus?

  4. u ride directly to the meet point if u have a "big" bike. Or u drive...There are quite a lot of our riders who ride from home to meet point and it is doable. Try it some day!

  5. Thanks for your fast reply.
    I once bought a cheap folding bike, around less than $130.
    Whenever I ride up slope, the chains will slide. Making me have to walk & push the bike up.

    So I'm quite unwilling to buy another folding bike. Thinking of getting a big one. Is it the quality of the bike or the weight & pressure causing the chains to slide? As I'm quite big size...


  6. Friend, foldies have come a long way and no they are not cheap. Come down on our Sunday rides and talk to the riders. If u are on a heavier side, u can consider Bike friday whom can custom tubing to cater for more loading. Look for Kian Lin and the shop details are here.. .https://www.facebook.com/MyBikeShop and no I dont work for them. I just like foldies and they are good folks! See u on sunday rides!