Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taking shelter from the Rain - nice

In singapore we don't have winter but we can have 2 season in one day. Super hot Summer followed by the mother of the rain.  To us cyclists that might mean a wet and grimy ride - more so if u don't have fenders.  Some how, riding in the rain is quite relaxing really. Provided u are ready with a poncho(so u don't get drenched and shiver all over)... 
I saw this Taiwanese commercial by 7-11 which has a nice dreamy pace...not about cycling but perhaps u can try this in Singapore when u get caught in the rain( Boo, are you reading this haha) Enjoy! 


  1. Okay I'll try it if:
    1. I can find this kind of phone booth
    2. My bike AND me AND handsome dude with hot coffee can all fit inside


  2. Boo, Changi village near the Army boys ferry terminal got... you must take picture ok? haha

  3. Really? Okay I'll go find the booth first, then hang around there to wait for the right weather and right dude. hahaha