Monday, May 26, 2014

Keens Sandals review after 4 years of use

This is my 4+ year old Keen Sandal
I first knew this brand Keen in a very funny way back 4-5 years ago. My army sandals broke as I was walking around the shopping centre. Just outside World of Sport Kovan. So I went in to get a pair of Keens Newport H2 sandals. It felt instantly comfy when I wore it. Very expensive purchase for me then... but trust me. Its damm good . They became my choice for cycling since then.
Here's one online reviewer that shows the full gammut of review

Mud or rain.. its all cool. ...........
@ green corridor 

Old compared with the new Sandal
My artistic sewing... at least I tried.. 
This is how it looked 4 years later. I glued and stitched it as the straps and sole came out a few time. With DIY, I was able to extend it for much much longer.  Uncle KC told me, better way is to use fishing line,heavy duty needle(Beach road market) and a pair of  pilers to muscle it thru.
Yesterday,  I got another pair of Keens as there was a big 50% discount at World of Sport. Only for the display items.  Not my fav color but hey... its 50%.  Go get them, they are good!

Best of all... u also get a free "tatoo" that says u are a Keen guy/gal! :)
cool tatoo. Photo credits  Lim Kee tiong @ LCSG FB

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