Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Options for alternative "last mile" commute connectivity

Towing Kangoo to scrapyard
It's been 1 year since I scrapped my van and since then I have been using a combination of Taix/Uber/Grab with Bus and MRT. Depending on the timing, location and urgency, I will choose the most effective way to get around. Overall it was definitely cheaper but I must admit it took sometime to adjust to.  One of the irritation to me was the last mile connectivity, the last part of your journey which is just maybe 800m to 1 km away from the MRT or bus stop.
The bus feeder is bad... and really a time waster. Walking is fine, but you will surely sweat abit - bring a small towel. Yes, I know it makes you looks very "uncle" but it will be so much more pleasant. 
So.... being a designer and a person who like to think of solutions to problems. I went about to try find existing products that can make the last mile connection easier. Its not too scientific, I just went and tried things I already have. 
They are :
1) Pacific Cycles CarryMe 
2) Alecoa Scooter from Giant super market 
3) Momo Kiddo scooter - which I broke the pivot by standing on it... so pls don't try. Its really for kids
4) Arcboard which I recently acquired and trying to get my skill level up enough to use. 
5) Long board

From the left, Carryme, Scooter from Giant super makes, Momo 3 wheel scooter, Arc Board and long board
Carryme which I have had for several years VS long board 
How it looks from a normal perspective. Left is the long board, middle is Arcboard and right is a normal skate board from Toys Ris(momo one... really) 
Negative illustration.... feared covered foot wear
Ongoing testing (28th Dec 2016) 
1) Carryme 
Its a nice combination of bicycle and packability. The foot print is the SMALLest. The folding needs practise to do it well. Also a strip of velcro can help keeps things together. The bike always draw conversations. Many cannot believe its actually rideable but it really is. 
The bike handling is initially twitchy but with time, you can get used to it. During wet weather, the wheels can feel vague and u need to be ultra careful in tiled flooring and metal plates. 
2) Alecoa Scooter from Giant super market 
Compact and fast. I wish it came with a brake. This was my girl toy and I just tried it.  I think this option will be good if ur distance is under 1 km and generally flat. 
The fold down mechanism is very hard and I had difficulty pressing it. 
3) Momo Kiddo scooter
Plus: Its nice and stable. Very light too!
Neg: Its for kids and NOT for Adults. DONT step on it... it will break. I BROKE IT.  :( 
4) Arcboard 
Plus: Its cool! You just stand on the board, try to balance while the motor do all the work for u. The motor is a powerful one so please take it easy.... (for a newbie at skateboard like me)
The penny board size is really very portable. Weighting in at 4kg, its ALOT lighter then any Eskooter. 
Neg: Its quite pricy and you can probably get a decent ESkooter in that price range. 
5) Long Board. I got the shop special from LongboardloveshopSG
Not branded but very good quality and it goes very fast. 
Plus: Fast and stable. I need more time to handle the board. 
Neg: Its a long board and more bulky. 

I will continue to mix this combination and try them out. Sharing my observations in another month time. Let me know if u like me to try out other options. 
Whats your way to solve the last mile connectivity? I like to hear from you! 


  1. Two or more losable bicycles at your start and end points :)

  2. Wah, did momo know you broke her scooter :o

    1. I told her and got her the bigger blue Alecoa scooter. Strangely she seldom play with them much now.