Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Morning Spin with Carryme

Pacific cycle Carryme is the smallest bike in my collection. I relate to it as the walking alternative. The gearing is designed to be brisk walking pace and its one interesting package. The micro size makes it smaller then a baby stroller (folded) and allows u to do a spot of cycling in pockets of time.  Due to the Covid lockdown,  I am not able to travel out to the usual business area like Shanghai... but I hope it would be soon. 

But while that sorts itself out. I still do my daily morning walks or cycling in Punggol Waterway PCN. Its really a good way to sweat abit, reflect on the day ahead and get my mind ready. Yesterday I took my red Carryme to my morning ride. It was nice and check out some of the nice views around my neighbourhood. Keep on cycling!

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