Saturday, January 14, 2017

Book Sharing : Have to ride what ever it takes by Mr Tan (啡骑不可)

This is a book on cycling shared to me by Lay Yuan who used to ride with Lovecyclingsg and now based in KL, Malaysia. 
The book is about cycling in Malaysia, written by avid cyclist Mr Tan who noted down all the nice small things that happens when u cycle. Its not the first book, nor this is the most epic world cycling tour. But its a good effort to share and to note why people cycle at the first place. And if you like to know Malaysia, from a cyclist perspective and pace... maybe u can pick this book up and read. Its in chinese and you can get it here (follow the link below)  








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Monday, January 9, 2017

LCSG Bike Handling and Servicing workshop 8th Jan 2017

On 8th Jan 2017 - Sunday,  we conducted LCSG Bike Handling and Servicing workshop at East Coast Park PCN (Road safety park) for about 60 fellow riders. Only possible because of the tireless efforts of Lovecyclingsg angels, led ably by George Lim (for Bike handling) and George Kee/Pierre Chew (for Bike Servicing). 

We were also very glad to have the venue provided for by Nparks and a nice breakfast from OCBC to start the session! It was also a good time to chit chat and catchup with fellow riders. 

Here's also the awesome photos taken by Uncle KC and Darrell Wee. 
Darren Photos
Uncle KC photos 
Taiwoon Photos
The workshopobjective was simple. Help make things safer by teaching folks to ride safe and look after their bikes. A better maintained bicycle, can work better, stop better. Learning to ride slowly and control your bike properly can help reduce the tension esp on the PCN , pavement and even the road.  

Encik George patiently ran thru the rational again on slowly down and created a series of circuits that made folks get a sensing how their bike felt when the speed was slow. The scenario was to simulate pavement with people and how we should react properly.

A cool exercise to cap it off was to get everyone riding together with out a route. Many things happening every direction and one "Iphone walker zombie"- acted by Francis roamed around. That was quite funny but effective. Riders after the session could control their bikes better in low speed situations. 

On the bike servicing side, Pierre, George Kee, Wei Shuan, Steve and afew more folks who trained under Bikeschool came to help.  Pierre presented a deck of useful information and how to easily check for pressure.As there was many experienced hands, it was very much a personal teaching of bike tuning and service. The bikes were given a close look, and the usual frayed cables ID -ed (have to change) and getting the folks to try their tool kits/spare tubes.  I think the new riders were very happy as its less stressful to have a experienced guy overlooking and helping them along. 

We ended around 11, hands abit dirty and sweaty but equipped more with useful, practical knowledge to ride safe and how to maintain the bikes in good order. Thank you all for coming and most importantly, Thank you fellow Lovecycling Leads and angels for taking your time and effort to make it a roaring success! 

Last request. If you have attended this, I would appreciate if u can PM or feedback to me how you felt, whats not good and how we can make it better. Thanks! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A brompton alternative from Taiwan

I saw this at Bikefun facebook page. 
Essentially its a Brompton clone called La Bici. I know what u thinking and this is not original. But do you know the design of Brompton is over 20 years old. So the patent protection should be not longer valid. My opinion is that tf it folds and holds up as well as the UK original...this is going to be some hot foldie in the market. Wonder how long will it take for it to come to Singapore? 
The price is NT 13,299 which is $Sin 597.00!!!! 
In case you can't wait and you trust the images... you can purchase this here. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bike MRT to work. The ultra long distance version.

Is bike to work possible? I think so and it takes a certain breed of people who are adventurous, confident of himself and his bike to pull it off. George Lim or Encik as we call him is one such person. 
He posted his commuting trip yesterday on Lovecyclingsg and it gathered quite alot of likes and comments. 
He stays in Punggol and his current work place is at Pasir Laba Camp. Thats a long long way to commute. Road distance using highway is about 35km each way. He can ride the distance anything  no problem. However, he is also experimenting with riding a folding bike to MRT station, so its not as tiring.  
This is his photos and words of the experience. Check it out 
Going from Punggol to Pasir Laba (Jurong) 
"3rd Jan 17 First BTW of the year. Today is the first working & Schooling day, I was expecting larger crowd of passengers. I took the first train at Punggol to avoid the crowds. As usual I boarded the last cabin of the train. No more seats but not sardine packed. My final station is Joo Koon station so I need to change train at outram park station. The crowds started to build up at outram park station. At every entry's of the train, there is Q waiting to aboard the train. I waiting at the 2rd last cabin which is a standing only cabin. To my surprise, the cabin will not as pack as other cabin with seats. Enough space to park my bike. I strongly recommend passenger with bulky items use this cabin. As the train passed through station, most passengers will wait at other cabin than standing cabin. To me this is the Bonus. Reached Joo Koon station on time, unfolded my bike, reach my office in 10 mins." 
George Lim 
@ Punggol MRT 
Along North east line 
@ outram stn
Standing room cabin
How it looks at peak hour 

Encik going home 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First day of school by bicycle!

Saw lots of posting today on the first day of school. This one was pretty cool! 
Lawson Toh writes this short note on his personal FB. 
"School reopens and we are excited to go to school by bike! Cheers "
Happy faces with a bicycle!   Photo credits Lawson Toh 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Riding with Lovecycling to kickstart 2017 (Garden by the bay ride)

We welcomed 2017 by riding with the good folks of Lovecyclingsg.  What made it super special was that we didn't "Uber" nor drive to the location. We used our folding bikes from home (Punggol), made our way to the MRT, took it to Mountbatten station!  It took longer then I expected but its a very very big step for Momo and Kim! Damm proud of them!  
Some photos of action! 

Fumbling abit on the Fhon at Punggol MRT entrance... 

We got it cinched eventually 
Relaxing in the train. It was very nice and very empty. 

This is 3 foldies going for LCSG ride 
The ride was held Geylang PCN, map location is here.  We choose to do a super simple ride catered for the newbies and children, just like what we have done since 2010. If you are a parent, a rider who thinking to try riding. This route is perfect for you. 
Map link here 
The ride follows the river line and its nice and sunny. 
With the pace super slow, we could look around and chat with each other.  For myself,  I was quite focused on looking after my little one so that she doesn't get into accident on 2017 day 1. And looking back to check on kim.  So sorry if you were riding along side me and I didn't appear too chatty... I was in monitoring over load! Many thanks to Sharon and Francis for riding with Kim! 

Super cheery Hai Tang, Wei Shuan and Mel  - Photo credit Uncle KC 

Yas Son - Photo credit 

Yas riding with her son all the way from Potong Pasir - Photo Credit uncle KC 

Peggy and Pas  - Photo Credit Uncle KC 
slowly taking in the wonderful view and chatting with each other  Photo Credit Uncle KC 
Pierre and others 
Rolling as one 
LCSG with the SG skyline! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Options for alternative "last mile" commute connectivity

Towing Kangoo to scrapyard
It's been 1 year since I scrapped my van and since then I have been using a combination of Taix/Uber/Grab with Bus and MRT. Depending on the timing, location and urgency, I will choose the most effective way to get around. Overall it was definitely cheaper but I must admit it took sometime to adjust to.  One of the irritation to me was the last mile connectivity, the last part of your journey which is just maybe 800m to 1 km away from the MRT or bus stop.
The bus feeder is bad... and really a time waster. Walking is fine, but you will surely sweat abit - bring a small towel. Yes, I know it makes you looks very "uncle" but it will be so much more pleasant. 
So.... being a designer and a person who like to think of solutions to problems. I went about to try find existing products that can make the last mile connection easier. Its not too scientific, I just went and tried things I already have. 
They are :
1) Pacific Cycles CarryMe 
2) Alecoa Scooter from Giant super market 
3) Momo Kiddo scooter - which I broke the pivot by standing on it... so pls don't try. Its really for kids
4) Arcboard which I recently acquired and trying to get my skill level up enough to use. (I am rea
5) Long board 

From the left, Carryme, Scooter from Giant super makes, Momo 3 wheel scooter, Arc Board and long board
Carryme which I have had for several years VS long board 
How it looks from a normal perspective. Left is the long board, middle is Arcboard and right is a normal skate board from Toys Ris(momo one... really) 
Negative illustration.... feared covered foot wear
Ongoing testing (28th Dec 2016) 
1) Carryme 
Its a nice combination of bicycle and packability. The foot print is the SMALLest. The folding needs practise to do it well. Also a strip of velcro can help keeps things together. The bike always draw conversations. Many cannot believe its actually rideable but it really is. 
The bike handling is initially twitchy but with time, you can get used to it. During wet weather, the wheels can feel vague and u need to be ultra careful in tiled flooring and metal plates. 
2) Alecoa Scooter from Giant super market 
Compact and fast. I wish it came with a brake. This was my girl toy and I just tried it.  I think this option will be good if ur distance is under 1 km and generally flat. 
The fold down mechanism is very hard and I had difficulty pressing it. 
3) Momo Kiddo scooter
Plus: Its nice and stable. Very light too!
Neg: Its for kids and NOT for Adults. DONT step on it... it will break. I BROKE IT.  :( 
4) Arcboard 
Plus: Its cool! You just stand on the board, try to balance while the motor do all the work for u. The motor is a powerful one so please take it easy.... (for a newbie at skateboard like me)
The penny board size is really very portable. Weighting in at 4kg, its ALOT lighter then any Eskooter. 
Neg: Its quite pricy and you can probably get a decent ESkooter in that price range. 
5) Long Board. I got the shop special from LongboardloveshopSG
Not branded but very good quality and it goes very fast. 
Plus: Fast and stable. I need more time to handle the board. 
Neg: Its a long board and more bulky. 

I will continue to mix this combination and try them out. Sharing my observations in another month time. Let me know if u like me to try out other options. 
Whats your way to solve the last mile connectivity? I like to hear from you! 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

First ride on the arc boards

Came back from work and went down to my void deck to try the Arcboard out.  The compact size of the board makes it really easy to carry. I wore the helmet and re-read the instructions just to be safe. Gingerly I stepped on the board and slowly turn the throttle. Its fun and quite enjoyable really!  Think of it as a honda cub with VMAX capabilities!
The motor is powerful and please treat it with respect. If you find the speed too fast, u can reverse throttle and it will act as a brake. 
Here's their website if you are looking to order one. 
Wear helmet 
Press the silver button to power on
Video link here