Saturday, August 30, 2014

When the heart is in the right place, everything will roll on fine

Always remember why we do what we do. Never lose sight of what matters 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shimano Cycling World @ Sports Hub.....park at the Stadium MRT. Really?

I am happy and very excited to see that Shimano will have their Shimano Cycling World at Sports Hub and this was the press release that was mass-sent out......

With the Sports hub bike parking fiasco fresh in my mind, I asked for a clarification on the issue of bike parking. After all, this is THE Cycling experiential shop isn't it?  
Many of the bike shops in Singapore do offer bike parking. Thats the norm. This is one of my favourite bike shop(C2C).... look at the parking consideration for the riders. Nothing glam but it works. Most importantly... the bikes are within sight. 
outside C2C 

And this is the reply I got from Mileage communications....  :( 
Yikes... I guess they probably don't ride and don't get it (cyclists perspective). Guys I tried...... 
So please keep your nice bicycles at home when you go visit the Shimano Cycling world. Or if you have the courage and confidence in the Singapore system... park at MRT station(REALLY??)

"Hi Taiwoon
Thank you for your email and concerns regarding the absence of bike racks for parking bikes at the Sports Hub.  We have checked and found that there are bike racks at the MRT station exit towards OCBC Square.  Bikers can use the racks when they visit Shimano Cycling World.
We look forward to welcoming you and the cycling community to Shimano Cycling World when it is opened."
Kind Regards       
Denise Luo
Account Executive
Mileage Communications Pte Ltd
Mileage House 52B Club Street
Singapore 069429
T:  (65) 6222 1678
F:  (65) 6222 5378

Added on 29th Aug 7.40am. Email to Mileage Communications
"Hi Denise,
Thank you for the reply and I am sadden that you do not understand the cyclists perspective. There is no way the cycling folks will be using the bike rack at MRT due to the security issues. 
I have shared this out to the community so that they will know not to bring their bikes and the alternative bike parking location(@ MRT) as you have pointed out.
Lastly, I want to express how disappointed I am on the lack of bike racks/parking at the Shimano Cycling world which is supposed to be the meeting point for cyclists and sharing of experiences….
But there is no place for their bicycles. That’s really a big shame.  
I will also feedback directly to Shimano Singapore on my concerns and disappointment on this small but very critical consideration. 
Taiwoon "

Feedback to LTA on a dangerous grille and it was actted on! Thank you Ahmad Mohsin of PUB!

This made me smile today at Lovecyclingsg facebook. :) 
Richard Toh who cyclo-commutes to work found a dangerous design fault on the road. He sent his feedback to LTA and after 2 months,he got a message from PUB to share with him that it was fixed. Excellent! Well done LTA and PUB! So, if you want to help make Singapore a safer place to cycle.
Start by submitting feedback on road hazard you meet along the way (when you cycle) to agencies and have a little patience, followup if you can.  Things can improve for the better!
Additional information by Richard. 

The guy who replied to me was from PUB - his name is 

In his actual words and feelings. "Back on June 3, I posted about my first puncture in many years, caused by a drain grate, along Shenton way. I wrote to the LTA to provide them with the feedback that they could consider using drain grates which are more bicycle friendly. 2 Days later they responded to say that drain grates are under the purview of the National Water Agency (PUB). And then came a period of silence. I assumed my email has fallen into the bureaucratic black hole and even complained about it here. 
To my pleasant I received an email yesterday from the PUB to say that they have changed the drain grates along the stretch of Shenton Way before Maxwell Road and even attached a pix to show me.
I made a deliberate attempt to cycle past that stretch today and lo and behold, new drain grates on both sides of the road!
2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet with a bunch of senior officers from the LTA who came to my office for training. They saw my bike in the office and we started talking about the hazards of commuting by bicycle.
They shared that within the LTA, it is a high priority for them from a policy and infrastructure point of view, to make Singapore and our roads more bicycle friendly. This is something they are actively working on. It will take time, of course.
So what's my point as a cyclist who commute to work?
There is hope, yet 
Kudos to the PUB for their responsiveness.
As a cycling community, lets do our part and provide feedback to the relevant agencies and allow them the time to effect the necessary changes. It'll take time but my experience tells me that they are listening and ACTING."

Lastly in case you looking for who to call.... here's the mother of all list to feedback on issues to the various agencies. If there are any other channel I missed out. Pls let me know. 

Most compact Tandem ..Carry Us!

Saw this at Tiklop society of Philippines facebook,  What a nice bike! Carry me is one conversation starter. I get asked by strangers all the time. This is my wife and girl having some fun with the Carryme. Try one someday!
Cool Tandem carryme! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sports Hub in the news and their reply

After the posting on the lack of bike parking at the Singapore latest Sportshub last week, I was glad that the straits time picked up the issue.
Their reply was published and there are plans to have bike racks installed. Yayyhhh! 

Excerpts of it " Asked why there were no parking facilities for bicycles, Mr Robert Gambardella, chief of Sport Singapore's Singapore Sports Institute, said plans are in the works to integrate cycling infrastructure into the venue.

He said both Sport Singapore and Sportshub Pte Ltd, which manages the venue, have been studying where to install new bike parking facilities since the Sports Hub opened.
We want to place the racks in a strategic position, where there's lots of light and (the racks are) within sight so it's safe and secure," he said.
Mr Oon Jin Teik, chief operating officer of Sportshub Pte Ltd, said the company will install at least eight to 12 clusters of bike racks around the 35ha venue - hopefully by the end of the year.
"(When the Sports Hub opened) we wanted to observe the flow of foot traffic, so we could put these racks where end-users prefer," he said.
Addressing complaints from cyclists, he said: "We apologise and hope the public will have some patience."
Ok, now for the not so good part. There wasn't a definite date when it will be done by. Is cycling so low on the Sports Hub piority list? 
Now all it takes for an unpleasant experience is to have another chap's bike getting locked and it gets posted on the internet.....
***28th Aug 2014. Added direct reply from Sports Hub and again. No confirmed time for bike rack completion. 
"RE: ContactUsSSH - Item ID1676
Dear Mr Woon 
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
SportsHub is working closely with Sport Singapore to deliver a cycling ecosystem. Since the Singapore Sports Hub opened to the public, we are able to observe the flow of foot traffic to help strategically plan where cyclists would benefit from having bicycle racks across the campus.
 In a first step to enhance cyclists’ experience at the Singapore Sports Hub, we have increased the number of bicycle racks to the existing ones stationed at Stadium MRT. As we continue to strive towards a cycling ecosystem, we are planning to implement additional bicycle racks in locations that cater to the needs of cyclists’.
 We value your feedback and appreciate your patience during this process.
 Wishing you a pleasant week ahead.
 Thank you.
Best Regards
Customer Care Team
Singapore Sports Hub"
As seen on Straits Time on Sat. 24th August 2014 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dear Singapore Sports Hub.....please don't forget the cycling community.

On 21 Aug 2014, someone posted this picture on Facebook:
“Anybody knows where i can park my bike in sports hub? I cycle to work everyday and have been parking on the basement for the past 3 weeks without any issue then suddenly issued me a warning ticket. I don't see any bike parking lots outside the establishment”
The person added this photo of the warning ticket:
Taken from Lovecyclingsg Face book page
Let’s have a look at the Singapore Sports Hub’s website to see if they have any information about arriving there by bicycle and the parking of bicycles. A quick look at the Singapore Sports Hub’s webpage, “Getting Here”, revealed that there are many ways to get there. But I was very sad to discover that cycling isn’t one of them.
Taken from Sporthub webpage
In its webpage entitled “Sports Hub Project”, the Singapore Sports Hub dedicates itself as a public facility to promote sports to all:

       “Come June 2014, it will serve as a dedicated venue where Singaporeans can come together as a community to watch, play and support sports and entertainment.
The Singapore Sports Hub will be a fully integrated, state-of-the-art destination that will be open year-round to the public and will provide a variety of unique experiences, including community programming, Experience Sports initiatives and public facilities for everyday use.
Targeting all demographics – from elite athletes to the general public – the Singapore Sports Hub campus will ultimately be a space where Singaporeans can experience sports and entertainment.

The sport of cycling has an extremely low carbon footprint, does not contribute to traffic jams, and provides a good means of exercise. Commuting by bicycle is also increasingly popular for many who live in Singapore. So, why wouldn’t a venue like the Singapore Sports Hub support this healthy and sustainable mode of transport by providing parking for bicycles? 
Currently housing the world’s largest dome-shaped structure, the Singapore Sports Hub costs S$1.3-billion[1] and sits on 35 hectares (86.4 acres) of land[2]. Surely, cost and space could not have been the reasons why bicycle parking fixtures were omitted. So why aren’t there any legal places to park a bicycle within our glorious, world-class Sports Hub?
Speaking of parking, check out the FAQ on getting to the Singapore Sport Hub; more than two-thirds of the FAQ is dedicated to paid parking for cars. I wonder why.
We hope that the Singapore Sports Hub will look into this matter of providing parking spaces for bicycles soon.

Darren Siow, cyclist 
Taiwoon , cyclist


It's illegal to cycle at Bedok Town Centre

I saw this today and it said "Beware if you cycle at Bedok Town Centre" and it came from the East Coast Town Council Facebook page.  Oh wow, they are now catching and issuing summons to cyclists for illegal cycling at the Town Centre. 190 comments since 22nd Aug and rising.
More here too
Before jumping into conclusion... I posted on their page requesting more information. Let's see why they chose this drastic action.
Reply from East Coast Town Council on their page:
Added Francis Chu comments
"Desmond, Bing ChengDennis LH Cheong and a few of us were there a few months back to observe the crowded town centre and the cyclists riding passed. I took some video and we all saw cyclist and pedestrian can be mixed safely. Majority of cyclists slows down when there are people in front of them, a few choose to go side way where there is more room for overtaking. 
The photos post by East Coast Town Council shows there were hardly anyone in the town centre. Is the ban 24/7? It confuses people if they have to dismount and push when the town centre is empty and perfectly safe to cycle through. 
I feel what we really want to target is those very few dangerous cyclists. I'd suggest to catch the few "black sheep" when the crowd is there, and do punish them heavily and make it very transparent that the authority will not tolerate such anti-social behavior. But asking all cyclist (mostly very considerate) to dismount and push 24/7 is neither practical nor reasonable. 
It feels like punishing the good sheep but still doing nothing to the black sheep. If such extreme measure is justifiable by one, or few serious accidents, we should also ban driving from all Singapore roads, since a lot more serious accidents happened on the roads a lot more often. 
I hope the town council will be able to keep a balanced approach and come up with a pragmatic and effective solution to improve safety between pedestrian and cyclist in the town centre."