Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The updated Mobike and Mobike lite

I like to share Mobike innovation from a hardware/bicycle perspective.  Poking around Mobike blog. Here it is in english summarised. The first gen is a nicely design, monocoque alumium frame. The drive train is encased with the rear arm.  Runs on solid tyres which do not flat and cast alum rim. Sensible side stand, simple to use lock and a controversially a non adjustable seat height. I thought it was a good compromise, given the bike is for getting around places but Mobike must have feedback from their customer base.  
The first Gen Mobike  Photo credit Mobike
They have now a newer version! Visually keeping sleek lines of the former bike. It comes now equipped with a front basket so u don't have to fumble with ur stuff, groceries. It also makes for a more pleasant riding experience.  
And tahdahhhhh.... an adjustable seat post like all normal bikes. 
I am so curious how they can make it tamper proof. If there are someone in china who happen to see this version, pls share with me. Thanks!
Updated Mobike  Photo credit Mobike 
For the budget conscious, there is also the Mobike lite. Half the price to rent. I read it was more for the suburban areas which might be more price sensitive. Ok, its no so cool from a product design perspective but I think it's still pretty neat and sensible.  What do you think? 
The Mobike lite Photo Credit Mobike 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My encounter with Mobike

I went to Shanghai late Oct for work and it was quite a hectic time for me. Nevertheless the cycling bug in me is still very strong and invariably, I found myself staring at a nice looking bicycle which reminded myself of a cool designer project. That's the Mobike. 
enroute to my workplace
Initially I was impressed by the physical bicycle design but not too impressed by bike share concept. It was well designed. Comes with concealed drive train which means less maintenance. No adjustable seat but from the looks of the users, I think they went for a fixed position to reduce abuse. It will not please the cycling but no-one seem to really mind. I think its a good call. It even comes with nice looking mudguards which most style conscious folks will not put on their personal bikes. Having ridden alot, I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of the mudguards. Its not cool but its damm useful.
In my mind when I first saw it...  I had this thought... "Ptttthhhh.... That's another designer ego trip and how many nights they must have sweated the details.... but really?? Do we need another bicycle?" 
I was in Shanghai for 2 weeks and what I slowly realized is Mobike is not your usual bikeshare.  I saw many locals using and it was EVERYWHERE.  That's when I started talking to my local friends on this... 
The bikes get parked every where

1 RMB for 1/2 hr. Thats like 20cents! 
So the Short of it. It's like Uber on 2 wheels.  The concept is that you register to use mobike bicycles via the smart phone app and then using the app, locate the nearest bicycle that is available.  
The bicycles are GPS enabled and this means you can see the whole fleet online. And more importantly...those that are near you. 

When u see the bike, you take a QR code and send it in(via the app).  After confirming your order, the lock releases and you take it for a ride. 

When you reached your destination. You dismount, find a safe place to park and lock the bike. Locking the bike closes the "order". 
Then you just do your thing and carry on your daily activities.  When you require another bike to go home. You go to Mobike app look for the nearest bicycle available. I was told, u can even book in advance!
This is not your usual bikeshare which requires you to put the bike into specific booths.  You just ride and "chuck" it.  That's the cool bit. 
Fundamentally, it taps on a very important element of humans. Laziness and Convenience. 
Customers just want to reach their destination easily. They are not too concerned on how, what it is but the solution must be easy, quick and cheap.  From the way the Shanghai locals are embracing mobike, I feel it is going to be a game changer. Like what Uber did to Taxis. 
I recently also read in Straitstime Mobike  are now considering Singapore entry. I wish them well and I can't wait to try it here. 
Hope with more bicycles (bikeshare or just regular bikes) on the road, it can make our environment more green, more accessible and safer for cycling. Who knows Singapore can even be the model country for cycling in Asia Pacific? Exciting times ahead! 

* More reading of mobike here
Not so good an experience but if you can thrive in China...  

Friday, November 25, 2016

LCSG goes to Npark festival 19th Nov 2016

We met at Punggol waterway around 2pm and the weather did not look good. So the roll off time was pushed off until 3. After checking the rain had cleared, we rolled off towards Bishan Park where the Nparks Festival was held. Essentially, it was a event where Nparks showcase all their activities and efforts. From plants, to Otter protection, arty stuff and also engagement  to park users like us. Cyclists. Lovecyclingsg is a close partner of Friends of PCN whom worked with the PCN team to feedback issues and suggest improvements.  Here's nice photo link by uncle KC in case u looking for it.

Back to the ride. Quite afew families with kids and personally for me, thats a good thing. Cycling should be for everyone.  Momo also joined me with her new Fnhon single speed. We rolled along the relatively quiet PCN, cleared because of the rain. Puddles everywhere and the weather was really cooling. We took it slow and steady.  I think some are now looking at mudguards in a very different light after being splashed around somewhat ... :) 
Keeping left 
Folks waiting for the green man. 
Momo rolling with me in the front  Photo credits Uncle KC 
Momo and her new Fnhon
Keeping as a group. By 4pm, we reached Bishan park with nary a sweat.  We touched based with our PCN friends and got some new freebies. Then everyone went to explore the park in their own pace.  Here's some of photos of the nice event from my friends. 
nice bike obstacle course specially rigged by PCN team 

Rene and Audrey 
Feeding fishes 
Daddies with their princes at a nice section of Bishan where u can walk in the "river" 
Treasure hunt with a good message

A nice family with their super cute son!
When it was time to go home. I asked Momo if she would like to take Uber home or try riding back. Initially, she said taxi... then replied.." Daddy, let's ride back... slowly hor. " So we did. Stopping ever so often to look for pokemon. But we did made it back home(Punggol) from Bishan.  

*Photos credit by uncle KC   

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Momo @ 9 years old

My girl Momo is growing up fast. For her birthday I got her a nice Fnhon bike in Electric Pink. This is the most cheery colored bike in our arsenal. And the first bike that fits her well, rides relatively better then her old bike. During last Sunday we even rode with the LCSG folks from Punggol waterway to Bishan park... and later back! Very amazing she could do it with no complain. 

As the months draws to a close, I reflect on the wonderful memories I have with her. Not just on bike but as a daddy.  Treasure those moments as we can never get it back!

Riding in the rain and the thing called mud guards

It rained on our sunday rain and I think this coming months it will be a high chance of rain. Which leads me to the topic of mud guards. While they are not the coolest thing around and some say looks "uncle", I find them really practical and allows me to ride even when the road is wet. When it rains, it also helps to keep the bike and rider relatively clean.  This is one example of my bike with mud guards.
my pocket rocket on a morning exercise routine
Here's a good article on more cool fenders out there.

Close clearance mudguards for Road bike  

Korea bicycle path links information

Photo by Friday Duo 
Asian Chewing gum   Photo Credits Friday Duo (Gary) 

Nice folks riding together. More details here    Photo credits Friday Duo (Gary)  

With Lovecyclingsg community growing. Many are also venturing out overseas and using bicycle to do exploration. The latest of it being Korea. Many very interesting links were shared at LCSG FB but its very hard to keep track of this good information. So keeping it here to make it easier to look out for it. The subject experts are Friday Duo (Gary) Brenda Lim and the Woo sisters

Friday, November 18, 2016

Good deal at Decathlon for kiddo trailers

Note: I dont work for Decathalon. Just a dad who wants to create a nice memory for his child. 

A friend shared with me this and I in turn shared to my cycling community.... Decathlon have reduced their children trailer to $49.90 from $115. Its a really good buy and looking from the folks reaction, its going off the shelves like butter cakes. I think still have some around in case u looking for one. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

LCSG @ Nparks appreciation day. Painting stripes! 12th Nov 2016

Lovecycling is a pretty awesome group. It's not just folks cycling but they are warm hearted and want to help make a difference to their environment.
We have been supporting Nparks over the years in many activities and this event is as such. We were to paint speed stripes at major intersection and at where there are many human traffic, be it cyclists and also pedestrians. This to give a strong visual indication for incoming cyclists to slow down. Here's some of the photos of the Lovecycling folks getting their hands dirty for a good cause on 12th Nov 2016