Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Singapore cycling vision - a letter by Osman Sidek

My dream and Vision of the future Singapore is one where a 6 year old school kid can safely cycle to school without adult supervision.  
Oh when oh when will that happen?  
Screen grab of the letter @ Straits time

A hand made bike and a history of who's who in the cycling industry

I saw this on FB and it was about a chap who reached a point of his life where he wants to have his very own custom bike built. Also visiting the artisans and craftsman who dedicated their lives building bike parts that is so famous around.  Have a watch, you are going to like it. 

E Scooter issue in Singapore

Photo from Tandem Lim
Sounds you can buy it... and ride around your living room. Not. 
I also chatted to several E scooter users and they are just using this to help make the traffic connection better. 
Examples quoted were zipping to the Mrt from home rather than waiting for the feeder bus. OR... skipping public transport completely if your workplace is 5 km away. 
Walking in our climate will make u look like drenched monkey but with a E scooter OR a bicycle... those distances are easily achievable. 
I know and I have heard that Singapore is going to have a better transport system by 2020. But before that comes, people still have to work and they WILL find creative solutions to make their commute easier. 
Banning it is a just a typical top down approach without understanding the perspectives on the ground. Yes, safety is important too but banning it outright means those folks who bought the E Scooter now have an expensive toy that they can parade at home.  
Photo from John Tan

Photo from John Tan

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hole at pavement. What do you do?

What do you do when you see something not right? Do you walk away, pretend you didn't see or you do something about it. The trouble is when the issue is not so easily solved... whom do you call or contact? This was exactly what my buddy Darren Siow on his way to see a doctor faced.
I shared with him my feedback contact list and also realized it did not have a contact on pavement.
In the meantime he looked around and found a box to help indicate the issue. That's pro active action. Thank you Darren.
Lastly ...soooooooooo.... which agency do we call on issues like this? Please let me know so I can add to my feedback contact list :) 
If some one not aware... this will be really nasty
Looking around and found a "thing"  to indicate the problem

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why cycle to work?

Sonny shared with me the reason. I think its quite clear to understand...........
Photo credit compare by Sonny Lim 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vincent Ng Cycling story

I am Vincent and some call me Vincy as I had a nick that I normally use on social media, Vincybaby.
Me and my bike 
The nice thing about riding is I can eat abit more "freely" :) 
And here my riding story goes......
During my school days I really enjoy riding, I ride to school daily and also every part of Singapore, fishing, BBQ, catching spider and “ monkeys”! However these days does not last long, after my GCE O Level, my family shifted to Tampines as it was so far from where I had previously stayed, Jellicoe Road which is where the present condominium City Lights is. From there I lost contact of most of my friend riding in that area... Furthermore, I had started my education at Singapore Poly and it is so far for me to ride from Tampines to Singapore Poly. As I had join the SAF Poly Scheme and able to earn my own money, instead of riding a bicycle to school, I bought a motorcycle and rode to school, from there on I had lost touch of cycling as the boys to men process begun.
In end of 2013, I return from Shanghai after two years there, I was surprised by the changes in Singapore’s cycling world! The beautiful Punggol PCN was the first thing that attracted me most, follow by seeing so many cyclist rolling together and it bring me back to my old days feeling! 
This is Singapore

However thinking of spending more time with my wife and not forsaking cycling, I decide to cycle to work! I work as a Project and Technical Manager in IT industry. 
It all start with a thought as the distance seem incredibly far to me to complete 25km to office and another 25km back home as I am staying in Sembawang and my workplace is at Ubi. This is my route. It is 70% road and 30% PCN 
My route to work and back
a beautiful spot along the way to work
Without question I start to think of what should carry with me, how to take care of my office attire as it will crumple and crease. How should I wash up as my office dun have bathroom, how should this, how should that.... and soon procrastination fall in. Then come one fine night, I told myself when am I going to cycle to work, so with a sudden rise in spirit and following Nike slogan "Just Do It" I pack my office wear and shoe into my backpack and cycle to work in the next morning!!!
Thinking back of the first day, it was quite miserable, first thing I realize is, my underwear is all wet and I didn't brought a spare one. Second problem, my cooling off time is bit too short, well my office attire also all wet where I am sweating while changing into it and when my colleague came and ask me "is it raining outside.... However from this day, I gain experience, slowly I get smarter and now riding to work is just like driving to work!!!
Beside these beautiful sunrise, sunset photo, I also gain the most valuable thing in life, which is a my health! From high cholesterol to normal, from 120 blood pressure to 100, from resting heartbeat of 76 to 60 bpm and from 0.1 ton to 0.09 ton!!!
While writing this, I feel so much joy, happiness and start to feel my eye being well lubricated. To me it is really a inner sense of achievement! Well till date, I had been cycling to work for six months and I really wish I could continue to cycle till 80….
I do really enjoy cycling, I like to cycle in groups where you can meet friends, being poison by biker on bicycle parts and accessories. However, I do enjoy more cycling alone in the morning, with the silence and serenity, I enjoy hearing the rattling sound by my group set when rolling, nobbing our head and greeting morning to on passing cyclist! Stop whenever I like when I saw beautiful scenery!
If we only slow down and look 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Iwatch on wellness and cycling

What I really liked was the fact you don't look at a iron man wannabe or some sort of hard core althelete. It's targeted for a general wellness and fitness to the every day bloke.
I am so looking forward to seeing this at the retail store. Tempting!

One step forward 10 steps back.

This made me sad. Very sad. I watched the video and it was deliberate. It's seems it's a very road bike thing to do. I am too fast and I can't stop... a typical response.  Correction: after some feedback from Road biker that they DO STOP at red lights and these are just the black sheep.

We as the cycling community are marginalised enough and while we do our best to contribute to improve the odds and improve the relationships. This things still happen. This is not ok.
WE stop at red light. Period. No buts no if.
We want the road laws to protect us and we will follow the traffic rule.  Now please share this out to all your rider friends out there.