Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rider Profile Chong Wee Seng and his cycling to work routes

Hello everyone, 
My name is Wee Seng and I am 51, working in the media industry. 
Here's my contribution to the Singapore cycling profile! 
Its good to be riding

1) Can u also share about how u got started cycling?
Started when I was at a young age. My father taught me to ride.

2) Your first bike if u remember and what are u riding now?
My first bike is a chopper. This is not mine.... but looks something like this. 
Photo Credits :
Now I'm riding one of these:
Hybrid bike

My brompton
The other foldie
Wife's bike
3) Your most memorable ride
East Coast Park. Beautiful view and cooling even in mid day.
Pulau Ubin, kampong feel.

4) Does ur family ride and if so, where usually to?
Occasionally, Punggol PCN, Loyang PCN, Pulau Ubin.
Me and my wife riding a relax ride with LCSG 

5) Some advice to folks who are thinking to cycle commute.

  • Plan your route.
  • Stay alert.
  • Wear helmet, install good front and back light.
  • Use common sense.
  • Learn to give way.
  • Know the traffic rules and hand signal

6) Life motto
Be happy. Nothing is forever.

I live simple, nothing much to ask for. Just want to be happy.

7) How cycling have helped you in any way?
I have lost weight and stayed a bit more fitter. I love to meet up with other cyclist via cycling group (LCSG)

This is my Cycle commute details
I stay around Tampines while my work place is at Lorong Chuan. There are some routes which I like to share with fellow riders how I get to work. 

Office building 
Sadly there are no secure bike parking and shower room facility. 
So no bike to work for me. I drive down my bike to office when I will be biking to home the next day.
Route 1 – appox 17km
Transport mode - Public transport
Walk – Mrt – walk, traveling time 1hr 15mins

Route 2 – 23km cycle
Transport mode: Bicycle
Office to home, road and pcn, traveling time 1.5hrs
 Route taken
Lor Chuan – Serangoon Garden – AMK Ave3 – AMK Ind Park 2 – AMK Ave 5 – YCK – Punggol PCN – Pasir Ris Farmway – Tampines Ave 10 – Tampines Ave 9 – Home
Most of the traveling is good except Lor Chuan to Serangoon Garden. Pavement is too small, road is heavy during rush hour.
·       Heavy traffic during rush hour, not advisable for novice rider and rider not comfortable on the road with such traffic. Pavement from Lorong Chuan to Serangoon Garden is too small to ride on.
·  Most of the traveling is good except Lor Chuan to Serangoon Garden. Pavement is too small, road is heavy during rush hour.

Route 3 – 20km Cycle
Transport mode: Bicycle
Office to home, road and pcn, traveling time 1hrs 28mins
Route taken
Lor Chuan – Serangoon Garden – AMK Ave3 – AMK Ind Park 2 – AMK Ave 5 – YCK – Buangkok Green – Serangoon PCN – Sungei Serangoon PCN – Pungool Promenade Riverside walk PCN - Pasir Ris Farmway – Tampines Ave 10 – Tampines Ave 9 – Home

Same as route 2
Similar to route 2 with slight variations
Route 4 – 13km Cycle
Transport mode: Bicycle
Home to office or office to home, fully on the road, traveling time 45mins depending of traffic condition. This is the shortest route to office, can only be done safely
Route taken
Lor Chuan – Serangoon Ave 3 - Serangoon Ave 2 - Serangoon Central - Serangoon Ave 1 – Bartly Road – Upper Paya Lebar Road – Ubi Ave 4– Ubi Ave 2 - Kaki Bukit Ave 2 - Kaki Bukit Road 3 - Kaki Bukit Ave 1 – Bedok Reservoir Road – Tampines Ave 10 – Tampines Ave 9 – Home
Same as route 2

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Why? Many folks ask me that.... I give you my answer in a photo.  One rider starting... is one step in the right direction. Let's all try to make things better! Push on!
Photo credit Eugene Lee 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Oneservice and how it all works

I have tried the Oneservice app for my feedback on my neighboring environment,  pothole and stuff. It works really well and its quite gratifying to see agencies act on the public feedback. I hope more can try to use it and it CAN help make things better. 

How to feedback on errant cyclists and other inconsiderate road behaviours

I found this app at the apple store by our Singapore Police Force. It's a handy app by SPF to give access to general public on the useful information around their homes on the crime cases and also missing people appeals. It also can make it easier for the public to provide leads when they see something unusual or when they see a crime happening.  
I played around it and found that there is a tab that could prove useful for cyclists, pedestrians and PMDs users alike.
Of course, I sincerely hope we do not have to resolve to enforcement but I am pragmatic in knowing that sometimes, it is necessary to have the hard stick of the law to nudge people into behaving themselves. So here's how u can use it. 

1) Download via Apple app store and look for Police@SG 
Search under Police@SG

2) Click on the 3 horizontal line icons 
First landing page and click on the red circle
3) Click on the "E-Services" tab 

4) Scroll down to "REPORT"  
Scroll down to "REPORT" tab and click on "Feedback on Road user" 

5) Type in ur issues on the "E-Services" 

Fill up the colums and add ur photos of the location and if possible the infringements 

6) And u are done. I am sure SPF contact you later if they needed any clarification.

Pls let me know if you have tried it and if its any good. If there are any issues, kindly share with me and I can help consolidate and feedback to our good folks in blue. Thanks! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Edmund Chia cycling back to health

Left is what I used to be and right is how I am now. I feel awesome! 
Today I saw a very inspiring post by a fellow rider (Edmx Chia). Link from LCSG FB 

This is his story. 
Hello everyone,  I am Edmund Chia, age 31 and I work as a logistic assistant in the shipping line. I am sharing my story and hope it can be of help to you. Perhaps inspire you to do the same too. :) 
Chionging at the downhill event
I used to weigh in at 150kg during 2013 and with regular cycling, I have reduced my weight to 92kg. Yup, thats 58 kg off!!! 

I can and I will! 
Focus and roll
I was tired of folks laughing at me, calling me Ah pui and Fatty. One day I decided that I would just get on with it. I dont like running as it was too tiring and so I tried cycling. 

What I did more of......
I started cycling everyday. From my home at Bedok to my work place at Changi South. I also tried to cycle further in my weekends to places around town area like Marina Bay Sands for example. It was really cool to chill with my friends.  
Fat bikes also looked very cool and I got myself one. As you can imagine, the bike can roll over any thing and it took abit more effort to ride and was really fun. 
Now, I am more into Downhill cycling and recently took part in the downhill event. I really love the thrills and spill of the sport. 
If you like to do downhill, pls "jio" me at Edmx Chia  I am usually at Kent ridge park or going overseas to do bomb down some hills.... and yes, I also have to cycle up. Worst case, walk la. 
Me with my downhill buddies 
Don't believe that it cannot be done. Can one. Just keep trying and moving. 
For food, Stay away from oily stuff, less rice as it contains alot of carbohydrate. If you need more, just shoot me a msg at my Facebook account  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bike to work routes by Kieren Soh and his reflections

Hi everyone, my name is Kieren Soh and I am in a digital role in the financial industry. 
Me, Ann and my little one with our bikes
I started B2W in 2014 with my first folding bike and hasnt stopped since. 

I don't B2W everyday but instead aim to do it twice a week. My work area is near Labrador MRT, which is about 15km away from Serangoon. In the past 2 years, I must have easily explored at least 20 different variations in my route to my office ranging from 15km - 22km. You can see the image for a simple illustration of 9 different variations of my routes.

Yes a folding can commute too! 
As my office is away from the Central Business District, my journeys tend to be riding away from the morning traffic instead of into it.  It allows me to navigate through little lanes and neighborhoods to cut through major road arteries and expressways. One interesting fact is the time taken, door to door, between cycling and taking MRT is the same. Driving takes 15mins longer!

One of the first comments / questions from colleagues: “Kieren, riding on the roads are so dangerous! Why do you want to do it?” 

My answers, after a few variations, are now: “If you embrace cycling and ride defensively, it is not as dangerous as you think.“ The key reason of B2W is because I always never get enough saddle time due to my family commitments. 
B2W also allows me to go wherever I want after work to explore more small lanes and places that you probably wouldn’t have gone/ pass by.
For some reasons, I love to look for green open spaces or quiet little lanes, taking time to reflect on my day or just to space out. “How do you navigate around then?” That’s another joy for me. I like to stare at Google Maps the night before to look out for these green spaces and small lanes that are enroute to my workplace/home.
I caught up with something recently. There are more B2W cyclists on the roads and being greeted “Good Morning” is always so nice and makes your day. Be nice, smile and greet each other while cycling brings out the joy in even more.

Since my routes are not commonly shared, I shall attempt to create a section called "Do you know" and share the little things that you may not have noticed. I hope this is interesting enough and can encourage you to embrace cycling as a whole, not necessarily B2W but to try out the routes to discover the joy that I have gotten.

Have Fun | Ride Safe | Smile Always

Do you know? The little joys that I love to share

Toa Payoh – safer way to get across PIE (16.5km)

Lorong Chuan> Braddell Road >Toa Payoh Lor 8>Jalan Amps >Balestier Road Shan Road >Irrawaddy Road  >Thomson Road >Gentle Road >Chancery Lane >Balmoral Road Anderson Road >Tanglin Road à Alexandra Road (to wherever)
There are 3 key bicycle-friendly overhead bridges across PIE that brings you across from Toa Payoh to Balestier Road. My favourite one can be accessed through Kallang PCN off Braddell Road. (See black route). After going through the little pathway, you will arrive at Toa Payoh Lorong 8. Navigate about 500m towards Toa Payoh Golf Range. There will be a pathway opening just along the golf course and you will arrive at the overhead bridge.
This way, it beats carrying your bike up the bridge at Pelton Canel PCN or cycling along Thomson Road / Serangoon Road/ Aljunied Road / Paya Lebar Road if you are just started B2W.

Oh no, Lornie Road?! Are you sure?? (18km)
Lorong Chuan > Bishan St 11 >Braddell Road >Lornie Road (Pavement)>Kheang Hock Road>Evans /Cluny Road >Tanglin Road >Alexandra Road (to wherever)
 Yeah, Lornie Road is also a viable way to get to work for me and its not on the road. This route is better suited for smaller wheels (eg 16”/20”) as there are twists and turns in narrow spaces. Navigate along the pavement along Lornie Road (on the side with private housing). You will arrive at Kheam Hock Road where it allows you to scoop under PIE to get towards Duncan Road. Continue your journey from there. I love to cycle there to catch the beautiful sunset.

Got slopes? I climb! (16km)

Upper Serangoon Road > Bendemeer Road >Jalan Besar à Bencoolen Street >Stamford / Penang Road à Killiney Road >River Valley Close / Green (there is a little pavement into PCN >Kim Seng Park towards Alexandra PCN> Alexandra Road into Henderson Road (CLIMB!)> Telok Blangah Road (to wherever)
 One of the joys in cycling is cycling up hills, fondly known as climbing. I love the huffs and puffs climbing slopes and the wind on my face when I get down one. In one of my favorite routes, I get to climb River Valley Close and Henderson Road (along Mount Faber, near Safra Mount Faber). Both roads, due to it being off the main roads, tend not to have a lot of traffic and sometimes my rolling speed down can be easily 45km/hr.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mix between Brompton and Birdy is called a.... Bromdy?

Found this online and  wonder how it rides. Perhaps with the front suspension the ride comfort would be alot better. One thing I am sure, it will make some of the Brompton purist foam up and scream in rage. haha. Its just a bike and lets celebrate the rider's creativity and innovative streak. 
If you are the cyclist, can u let me know how it rides? Love to hear from you. 
Photo Credit  from