Friends who rides

My memory is failing me and with the group getting bigger.. I thought this might be a good thing to know who is who... I will start with the regulars, working my way through...

This is also my on going effort to debunk the myth that cycling is impossible. The more we write and share, the more we can show cycling IS FOR EVERYONE and IT IS Possible to ride in Singapore.

Pls send me your rider profile @ and be part of the Singapore wheeling revolution!

  1. Aaron Chan 
  2. Adrian, Dell Colleague who Cyclo-Commute to work
  3. Alvin Wong - Nice chap who can change Brompton tubes in a jiffy(joke)
  4. Alan and Chelsea - Twin Strida and Bianchi riders! 
  5. Alex Lee 
  6. Bernard Lim
  7. Bing Cheng and Slow Biking Singapore 
  8. Bless
  9. Boon Yeo - aka Slacker Boon, but he is really very nice and on the ball
  10. Boo  - One of the first LCSG Angels
  11. Brian Ong - Surly Dummy rider  
  12. Berenda Lim 
  13. Clarence - One of the first LCSG Angels, big guy on a MTB
  14. Christine Gan - Fast lady who can smoke u.. and LCSG Trifactor Rep
  15. Chong Wee Seng - cycle commute from Tampines to Lor Chuan 
  16. Eng Hwee - URA chief planner who cycles to work! 
  17. Eddie and co
  18. Eddie Lim, CarryMe poison king
  19. Elaine Pan
  20. Eugene Wee
  21. Eugene Wang and TN-ers
  22. Edmund Chia cycling back to health 
  23. Dennis Ng 65, a senior rider who shares how he started cycling and what it made him feel. 
  24. Derrick Tan
  25. Desmond Chia 
  26. Diane and her profile  and her unfold and cycle blog
  27. Dean Tan and Pungol Night riders! 
  28. Darren Siow - Comrade in arm @ Dell and good buddy  + his commute to work 
  29. Dennis Cheong and his cycle commute to work
  30. Francis Chu Wa  - Founder of LCSG and his first post 11 years ago 
  31. Francis Tang - Cycling to work and how it improved his health!
  32. Frederic Gilliant - Comparing Cycling to Car. 
  33. George Lim - Key Pillar Angel of LCSG and his daily commute 
  34. Gwyn and Kevin 
  35. George Kee  - Very helpful Guy who goes out of the way to help others 
  36. Gabriel Yeap with his Red AM
  37. uncle Happy
  38. Han Jok Kwang - Bike advocate  and he is also featured in Singapore Public Service Blog! 
  39. Ho Keng Yong - Stay at Punggol and super positive guy
  40. Hardy - Bike mechanic and super helpful guy on ride! 
  41. Israwi - Mr Cargo bike builder
  42. Ivan Ng
  43. Joeel Lee
  44. Jon Wong and how he overcame diabetes and high blood pressure 
  45. Jolly liew and his italian friend
  46. Jel and his Commute story 
  47. Jeff Seah - Founder SG Moultoneers Facebook page
  48. Khairul 
  49. Kimi oh 
  50. KC - Uncle KC, incredible rider who rides every where.. even to Penang!
  51. Kieren Soh, cycling commute and his reflection 
  52. Louis Lee 
  53. Lynten Ong of TR bikes
  54. Lun Cheak
  55. Lee Oon Teng - White AM-20 
  56. Lim Kee Tiong 
  57. Leung Ki Chi 
  58. Matthew Koh and his dog Max 
  59. Matt Chia
  60. Michael Wong and his hand built steel horse 
  61. Marcus Yeo
  62. Mary Ang  - First LCSG Queen 
  63. Nick Wong
  64. Nixs Zhou - LCSG Angel sweep
  65. Mr Teo Boon Tiong 
  66. Mr Lim senior rocking it at 76 years old! 
  67. Noel Tan commute story
  68. Ong Sze Sze
  69. Poh Fude of Ewalker
  70. Pierre Chew
  71. Pernille  - Cycling without age 
  72. Peggy Poh 
  73. Rene @ CarFree Sunday 28Feb2016
  74. Rini
  75. Rohani Ibrahim 
  76. Rezal Sdk
  77. Uncle Ruiz with his red cargo bike 
  78. Steven Tang and Tiger
  79. Steve tan, bike zhng guru   His commute to work
  80. Steven Lim 
  81. Swee Chay, Fellow Dell-er who cycles!
  82. Sulaiman and Rebound Centre
  83. Sonny Lim of Dell EDG 
  84. Stanley Lim - LCSG angel and Friday RI lead
  85. Shaun Chua - LCSG Friday RI angel 
  86. Tah Ching  - Co-Founder of LCSG
  87. Taiwoon - This is my profile! 
  88. Tiger Wan, Carry Me Prince  -- Super guy who can DJ and MC. 
  89. Vince Li
  90. Vincent Ng 
  91. Wei Shuan
  92. William Khaw and his cycle commute to work 
  93. Wong Wei Kiong 
  94. Yap Fook Fah -- Airnimal bike designer
  95. Zack Tay,  Zack commute story  - Key LCSG Pillar


  1. Taiwoon, congrats to the 50th rider profile! It has been quite a journey!

    1. Yes Dai Kor, lots of time and sweat that no one will see... I am looking forward to my 100 profile! haha..