Saturday, April 16, 2011

KC, relax rider, super duper rider, cool dude!

The legend... KC,  taken 24th Oct 2010
This is KC. I met him outside the food centre at Changi village during one of the Sunday rides. I remember that day clearly. It was 24th Oct 2010, Sunday where I brought the crew to the Giant guns and Changi chapel. Andy told me while eating his fishball noodle.."hey Taiwoon, u got to meet this guy..." So I did. Relaxing outside the hawker centre , holding a packet of teh-O (tea)was the man. He was riding his recumbent which he had for over 30 years.... So much so he couldn't find the correct rear tyre as the company which made the bike is already gone...
Now KC is a regular feature in the lovecycling Sunday rides.  Being one of the most experienced rider in the group,  KC shares his crazy ride stories... like riding to Penang!! Yes, that is riding from Singapore to Penang, my friends! Still he rides as a group, never showy but always ready to lend a hand to the newbies or anyone.  He changes tyres so fast that he can put the Ferrari mechanic to shame.
During a Sunday ride,  I once asked him how he started to ride and how he could ride so far.  His reply was... "I just started 2004 or so... then when I was the slowest riders in my group... and I told myself that I will train hard.. and with time I could keep up with others... it is not about the bike, just keep riding. Soon I was riding everywhere... " When he say anyway.... he really means anywhere
And I can go on and on and on about this amazing guy V24 engined super nice guy...  but nothing beats meeting him personally. So come on down and join us for a ride sometime! KC, it is my pleasure and honor to ride along side you! Keep on spinning and smiling!
Passing on knowledge, at Lifecycle.  Teaching other how to change/ patch up tyre...   
KC's  recumbent with ah long sticker 
Full steam ahead!
SG Indiana Jones