Monday, April 11, 2011

Support Japan charity ride by HP Alumni folks

HP alumni and many others - "Japan,we are with u!"

With a last minute "approval" from my CEO, I attended the Support Japan Charity ride organised by HP alumni. Talking to the main guy who made it happen - Mr Han JK, who share his thoughts. "It all started by a friend talking about the Japan earthquake and we just wanted to do our part. Then someone started big donation and said let's try to raise some money for our friends in Japan... " Well, judging from the ride response... I was very impressed and touched by their efforts. Playing the role of the photographer, I roamed and took photos of the riders and action. Overall a meaningful and fun ride. Well done HP alumni and all the friends who participated. More photos here  
shadow photos
Terence, Paul, Daniel, Gibson and Thomas(CEO)
 Jok Kwang, the main guy making it all happen...well done!
riding and raising funds for Japan...nice!


  1. It is amazing! Thank you for supporting Japan!! All the bikers are so nice... I will be a biker soon!!

  2. Hello Sayaka, this is the very least we can do. The rebuilding is slow and painful and I think Japan needs all the encouragement! Thanks for leaving a comment, I will share with my friends!