Friday, April 15, 2011

Steve's way of carrying stuff with Dahon Boardwalk D7

Steve cruising along...

Dahon front truss bag. Mounted low which makes it a stable ride
Steve and Bernice with their Dahons... nice!
This is Steve who rides a super duper Znged(modified) Dahon Broadway D7. The engineering knowledge inside him is very obvious when u see the bike up close and personal. The rear sprockets is specially selected to match his power output. He is the person to go to if u need technical advice on the parts setup and tuning.. What he knows and can do is amazing. 

For day trips,he uses a Dahon specific front Tour bag which he find is just right size. As the bag is mounted low near the front wheel, the ride feeling is very stable. And you can read more in detail on Steve blog too. 

No detail too small to Zng
Ultergra Rear D with Golden Anodised pulley wheels... Installed himself


  1. What a beautiful foldie! I love the front bag. Brilliant.

  2. Hello Bro Al, Steve bike is very very well taken care off... and the bag is like Orlieb style... but Dahon price. Too bad flamingo don't have the mounting hole..

  3. Is it me or does the blog links lead to a dead end?

  4. very tasteful gold accents! nice!

  5. @DualCircles, fixed the link already, pls try again.

  6. @El Wey, indeed and not just bling bling.. Steve is a very fast nippy rider... dun play play

  7. how much it cost to upgrade the front and rear wheel to a quick release?