Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brommie packed for Japan!

I am going for 100 percent design Japan come thursday. To make it even more interesting and explore more of Toyko, I am taking my brompton along! 
Maki-san, a member of CycleTokyo will be bringing me on a half day ride on 5th Nov.. it should be fun.... 
Cycle tokyo is really informative on the rides and points of interest to visit.. I like the gourmet route best...:) . Now go check his website out.. 
Packing the bike --- I googled around and apparently the best, cheapest and safest way is to put it in a carboard box. So this is what I did. Here are some photos and other brick bats I will be taking with me
1) Folding bike - Brompton M with pump
2)  Helmet, blinkers, gloves - Safety first
3) Tripod- to take more nite scene and also myself :) 
4) Medical Kit
5) basic tool kit- Spanner, allen keys, patch kit and levers
Seeing that there is some space inside the box... I will pack some clothing in there too... I haven't really done this before and here is how it is with the help of my lovely assistant, momo....:)  
How will I do and survive? Stay tuned... 
check ur blinkers... 

Army style layout, Helmet check, saddle check.. tripod check... bike check.

seatpost wrapped and fasten to the main frame 

all in sir!

now, that wasnt too difficult rite? 


  1. nice! are you checking it in as sports baggage or as regular luggage? i used to travel with a box, and i noticed that my boxes would get back to me with slight damage. only the box, never the bike but it scared me enough so i opted to tag the bike as sports baggage after that. i do plan to get a lojel square luggage thing for future trips. :) have fun in japan!

  2. steady! i like! momo is sooo cute.
    got space for boo?

  3. bro take care & ride safe

    ya your gal cute

    remember to bring extra inner tube.

  4. Diane -- regular check in I suppose.. Yah if this becomes regular, lojei square is in the consideration. for now, cardboard test first..

    Boo and Andy, hahha... yes, that my princess which keeps both of us busy and happy. looking forward to meet Maki-san and chat bikes!

  5. Hey Taiwoon, all set and ready to go. woohoo! next time bring momo and wife too!
    enjoy and have a safe ride.

  6. Francis..I have a feeling this will not be the last time I travel with bicycle.... Thanks for all the encouragement u gave me.. I will do lovecycling.sg proud!

  7. Hi TW

    Was going to ask you how you were planning to bring your Brompton along. Checked out on the internet that some people pack it in a Delsey Axiom 30" hard case. See http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index.php/t-427996.html. To be safe, you could just bring your Brompton to a luggage shop and see which one fits and just get that. Reason I'm asking is cos I'm trying to figure out how to travel with a Brommie if and when I do get one but I have not checked if the Delsey is available in Singapore.


  8. Yr gal is so cute!Jap hairstyle too!
    You know how they handle check in luggage! If have damage, take pics and get someone over at JP airport to verify, claim fr yr travel insurance. If you need repair in JP, also get receipt. Have a safe trip. Pls take pics of TDWA too. Like to have a glimpse.

  9. Matt..

    Ur daughter also very cute.. take more pics,, cuz they grow very fast..
    wah lau.. make me scared.. I double wall the cardbox and also padded with lots of clothing.. also refugee like.. I hope it survives, should be ok. Yah man..will share with u the exhibition...cant wait to talk to crazy and inspirational designers...

  10. Enjoy your trip to Japan! Take lots of pics esp of the oishi makan and interesting bikes :)

  11. ooh... Japan is a great place to ride!!! Walked from Tsujiki -> Ginza -> Kenda -> Akihabara -> Ueno on my first day there.. I really regret din have a bike with me. Enjoy urself!!!

    Go eat Kyushu Jangara!!! Say: Zenbuiri!! So good I went 2x in 3 days :P

  12. oh yar.... bring a compass!!! Very useful for orientation!

    if got time, go eat: Daiwa Sushi at Tsujiki, Tsunahachi at Shinkuju, Matsuzaka Steak (get their kobe beef balls around 2 to 3pm, cheap and wah... i am salivating already!!)

    dun forget matsuya, its everywhere but... beef bowl with raw egg on top... I want one more!!!

  13. hello Joshua, I take it u are back... hahhaha.. ok ok

  14. Enjoy your trip!

    And can you recommend a good place to get inner tubes for brommie? (In Singapore)


  15. Dennis, that would be steven boss of diginexx. he is guru in Brompton.. go see him