Friday, July 20, 2012

Thank you Mr Bus Driver:)

Now isn't this cool? If we all can just show abit more consideration for each other, life can be so much nicer. And Darren did another nice thing in return. He went and commended the Bus Driver for being such nice road manners on SBS feedback. What comes around, goes around! 
Just had a simple but pleasant encounter with an SBS bus.
Location: Boon Lay Way, bus stop near Jurong East MRT, in the direction of Boon Lay.
Vehicle: Service 99, SBS7621M  18th July 2012
Incident: I was approaching the bus stop where Service 99 was signalling right to leave the bus stop. The driver saw me in his wing mirror and stopped to let me pass. But by then I had slowed down to let him move off from the bus stop. He waved to me in thanks via his wing mirror and exited the bus stop. In turn, I waved back, feeling good that the bus, which had "right of way" to exit the bus stop actually stopped to let me pass. This is quite rare nowadays as we see more & more aggro drivers on the road. I hope this trend continues, and that more cyclists and drivers can share the road in peace, giving mutual respect both ways.


  1. Kudos to such wonderful bus drivers!

  2. Just great! I raised the issue of hardware vs software at LTA's Focus Group Meeting last night. Cited the same scenario as experienced by Darren..except that everything the bus driver did that I was witness to..was wrong! We can have the best bus and trains in the world. But do we have the best drivers, trainers and supervisors of buses and trains..and all other transport personnel as well? No, not yet...there is still much room for improvement. But LTA has taken all such feedback seriously and I think we can rightly expect that they will work on it.

  3. In general, the bus captains have been good to cyclist. They do practice caution in the presence of cyclists. I would say 95% of the time, the bus will give way to me as they are exiting the bus bays. I ALWAYS wave back to them to give thanks.

    Taxis though, are a whole different matter......

    Ride Safe!

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