Monday, November 12, 2012

Rider Profile - Hardy Mr Handy man!

The memorable LCSG 2012 Treasure hunt...  Hardy is on the left!
Hardy showing how easy to change tube.. @ LCSG servicing WS
Captivating the audience with Louis Lee
Hello I am Hardy, 39 years old, married with 4 lovely kids. Currently a fulltime house husband and bike repair service hahaha(he is really good, PM him if u need servicing) 
I started cycling long time ago because place that i grew up had alot cycling activity (marine crescent). During those days,it was mainly BMX and roadie time.I can still remember that we built jump  ramp before the flyover to ecp was even built! 
During that years if you got bicycle weekend can make money liao,  part time sell drink or curry puff along east coast park. 
I like two wheelers from bicycle to motorcycles. Actually I used to race motorbike and motorcross competitively .Only stopped a few year back old as sponsors were hard to come by. Anyway, got to give chance to newbie :) 

My first ride with LCSG were at lavender mrt. It was organise by francis chu early feb this year.
My favourite route is tresure hunt because that ride was fun and though until i get sick .heheheh
For me i help out anyone during any group ride LCSG i rather like to b sweeper or safety. 
Always ask people to join LCSG ride because I find it safe and for some rides you can even have ur kid tag along.
Just reminder on safety. 
I always make sure I have safety equipment in all sports activity. I would suggest that you invest a bit more for quality items. Helmet, gloves and shoe are something not to be ignored.

Taiwoon additional points to add:
Hardy is a very very helpful chap! He has been an indispensable Angel mechanic on wheels who offers his help so willingly. No one asked, he just stepped up and did it. Always smiling, he makes on the fly repair looks so easy. A note to all, if he helped u, please be nice, replace the tube and treat him kopi or something lah. 
Together with Louis Lee, he helped to run the LCSG servicing workshop where he showed the specifics of a tube change and how to check bicycle for issue. 
Thank you very very much, Hardy for all your contributions to LCSG and PNR! 


  1. Dont forget he provided home made ice cream on the 128km! He is THE man and our brudder la!