Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stripe 26" Touring MTB designed by Mr Fang of the Magic Stripe Bike shop, Taiwan

That's my bike! 
I got poisoned by this MTB at Taiwan bikes shop which is a must go for foldie lovers. Previously trip, I had got my Tyrell AM-7 wheelset here too. As I understand, mini velos are slowing down and they have diversified to road bike and MTB.
I wrote this blog entry as I wanted to share this cool MTB  and thank Mr Fang for his efforts. He was really nice to work OT to pack and send it to my hotel.... at Midnight as I was catching a flight the next day. Thank you very much! I promised to ride more and blog about it sir!

Packed and ready to deliver to hotel... this is around midnight... I know cuz I was waiting at the lobby and he was not there..:) 
Mr Fang and me... after sealing the deal
While peeing at the toilet .. I saw top secret chain cleaning method of Magic Stripe... must learn from Pro
This is the address of the cool shop
Stripe Magic (魔術方塊摺疊車專賣店)
104 Taipei, Taiwan台北市中山區復興北路36巷1號1F
His online shop is here
Facebook shop 
Oh.. if u like to know more about Taiwan bikeshop.. Do read up a very extensive Steve blog entry of Taiwan bike shop here... it is good poison!
Stripe MTB with front and rear eyelets for racks, water bottle. Disk brake mount only
Columbus Spirit tubes! It is lighter than I thought!
The bike I test rode..... which was recently used for a Taiwan Round island trip
Nice mounting points for rear rack. This is a Topeak Super Tourer rack (for Disk brake)
Mr Fang personal single speed fat bike using the same frame. Check out the tyre clearance!
It doesn't look much and is simple. It is just a simple practical MTB which is built in a sensible configuration with good quality steel. I had an opportunity to test ride the bike around the neighbourhood. 
At his shop, there were 2 bikes which had just came back from a Taiwan Round island and I asked if I could try the bike. Mr Fang agreed and pumped up the tyres for me to ride. It felt strangely Surly-ish(stable and nimble) but lighter.  Rational and nothing fussy.  Thats why I like it... and bought it.
More about this. STRIPE is Mr Fang in-house brand, self designed and produced by a big manufacturer for Magic Stripe. After buying it, I googled and asked my expert friends..  it is good tube! Columbus Spirit triple butted steel! 

Technical product details by Mr Fang here 

  • Italian Columbus Spirit. One of the top steel available. Light and strong . Manufactured by a Major Bike OEM from Taiwan - excellent strength!
  •  Mechanical Cable Disk brake group set ..... easy maintenance and good braking in adverse condition..... Good for long-distance travel and less worrying about brake failure
  • Fork frame have eyelets and mounting for easy modification(add rack, mudguards, extra bottle cage). Best for touring purposes!
  • The most significant feature: accept special order!! Cater to your specific needs and requirement {customized specifications extra charge!!}
  • Frame three-year global warranty
  • Taiwan design / manufacturing / assembly in Taiwan goods - highly recommended!
  • Promotion period - the province's Delivery free local shipping !!
  • Suggested retail price: 38,000 yuan (full bike) 
Mr Fang, boss of Magic Stripe designed the bike with the intent to do unsupported (panniers) touring.  Recently, he also supported 2 girls on their dream to do a Taiwan Round island, which I thought was extremely nice of him to do so. 

Here are their facebook page  ; upon reading their FB entries, you can feel their passion and fun. We were all young once.. let's do it! 

I almost did not buy it as it was quite a hassle to bring back. I was concerned about it but my dearest wifey looked at me told me... "just buy or tomorrow I have to come back and bang Magic Stripe door...Kim really understand my pattern haha. 
Now all it remains is more leave and more riding. Yeah! 

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