Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travel luggage for Brompton

A friend asked me for advice on what luggage to get to travel with a Brompton. My answer was either a cardboard box, stuff all ur clothes inside. Or get the Lojel.

And I realized I did not post a photo of it before. So here's the communal consolidation with the help of Lovecyclingsg folks.
It seems like a tossup between Lojel and Vincita. Difference is Lojel is a hardcase which weights more but provides more protection. While Vincita is a soft padded case which is lighter but perhaps less protected(but I think is really ok)
Diane very nice review of the Vincita soft case here 
Diana with her Vincita soft bag


  1. Tai Woon, thats my photo of my brompton in the Lojel case. Having used it, I can tell you and your readers that its a really tight fit, and it does not afford enough protection for the bike. I just saw a hard case being sold in in Hong Kong. About S$300++. A much better case... :)

    1. Thanks Paulcbc and sorry for not asking u in the first place.
      You know what.. I just got a vincita soft bag.. hope it works. Flying off tomorrow evening

  2. Has anyone tried the Polaris B-Pod? It was designed in conjunction with Brompton. It is made of EVA so is light-weight and offers loads of protection. they can be found here: