Monday, November 4, 2013

LCSG Bike Skill Workshop - 27th Oct 2013

one for the camera!
As Lovecyclingsg family becomes bigger,  we sometimes meet riders who could do with a little more guidance. It helps already when we ride together on sunday as the newbies can learn from the more
seasoned riders. For safe cycling in my opinion, it is experiential. This means you just can't talk about it. Just like swimming.  To improve, you need to get ur "feet wet" and just practice.
On the 27th Oct 2013 Sunday, this was what we did. About 70 folks from LCSG and Chai Chee CC gathered at the Bedok Adventure park to practice their bike handling.  Using cone spaced out in many patterns, the riders learned about slow riding and keeping in a straight direction. The obstacle patterns mimicked some possible senerios on everyday riding.  Riding on the pavement, on the road with traffic. The focus was on controlling the bike in slow speed and turning in a smooth and safe manner. We also got them to practice emergency braking. First using just the front and then the rear, followed by both. This got the riders more used to their braking power and also understand how each braking can affect bike handling.
To many who don't realise, this bike Skill workshop can only happen with help from the Lovecyclingsg Angels. They are Pierre Chew, Jasper, Clarence, Vince Li, Nixs, Desmond Chia, Tiger Wan, Steven Tang, Keng Yong, Francis Chu, Berenda, Kimi Oh and many more. The man behind this is none other then our very own Encik George Lim. He not only prepared the course work and secured the location with Chai Chee CC support.  Many thanks for all your efforts!
More photos here 
Briefing by Encik before the workshop
Initally a narrow but ok spaced cone
It got tighter... opphs
Momo and Kimi also practised!
Learning to ride with one later can progress to hand signalling

Slalom course. Learn to avoid.
LCSG Angels at work to set cones in another pattern. Under the hot sun. Team, I salute u!
Riding as slow as u can from one end of field to the other side

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