Monday, February 23, 2015

Milestone for Momo

22nd Feb 2015. Sunday. 
This is the section that runs parallel to Coney Island. Nicest stretch!

We went for a ride around the North Eastern Riverine PCN Loop
Taken from Npark website 
That's very near where we live at Punggol Fields. It's a nice ride and a special one. Because she did it all under her own power and completed the whole route. 
Pungol waterway. My neighbourhood! 
I really like the part nearer to the Punggol Jetty where Nparks kept a small path of dirt. This made it bit more challenging for Momo but not impossible for her to ride.  It was nice also to see a lone kite circling around the sky near Coney Island. That's not too often a sight in our urbanised country. 
bumpity bumpity 
Its fun 
That's Coney Island. I remember doing army beach head exercises here. Before the wall was made. 
The path was more crowded when we were at Punggol End. We saw many families and people. Some were cycling, some sitting at the steps facing the sea, enjoying the sea breeze. Its a nice lepak feeling.  
Sitting at the steps and enjoying the sea breeze 
Couples on a tandem 
Momo keeping left, watching out for traffic as we neared the Punggol end. 

Boats at Punggol Marina 
New bike rental @ Punggol Marina
We carried on towards Punggol Marina and it was here, Momo complained that her butt hurts bit . I told her it was around 1/3 of the journey and lets do it slowly together. With plenty of stops, chats and encouragement, we eventually managed to complete the journey. It was a 20km ride and while its not in any way Epic distance. I am really proud of her. For her persistence and determination to continue the ride. I could see she was also very pleased with herself to have done it. She told me" very tired but fun. And jelly legs" haha..:) 
Do try out this route with your child some day. Its really fun! 


  1. Will Cony Island ever be accessible to the cycling public?

    1. I was told soon. Lets wait for the good news.