Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rider profile - Uncle Lim and his cycling story

This is Uncle Lim, 76 years old. His nickname is called uncle Magnet. Will leave you to ask him why so. 
He cycles 30km daily on week days and 50-70 km on weekends. Uncle Lim has done up to 120km in one go! 
Have bike, can go anywhere!
I am a smart cyclist! If too far, too tired. I take MRT. Reach my destination, unfold the bike... rock and roll! 
Some really "Gilat" riders 

Cycling makes you young!  
Uncle Lim's favorite routes are in Yishun, Seletar, Punggol, changi village, east coast, kallang, marina barage, mounbaten, fort road.
Uncle Lim has been cycling actively since 2010. He enjoys cycling because it allows keep fit as well as to meet new likeminded cyclists.
What an inspiring senior and pls wave, chat with him when u see him on a ride! 
Give me wings!
Titanium MTB!


  1. Hi Uncle Lim, you're such an inspiration to all the young people who don't exercise,,,,,so so true, have wheels will travel

  2. Wahaaaaaaa, saw myself in the picture 🖼, thanks for sharing your motivational story with us. Cheers and happy riding 🚴🏿‍♂️.