Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pungol PCN in progress...

Thought about the PCN around my neighbourhood and how lovely it would be to ride along the river line. So decided to pop by to see how it was... Actually it was turning out very well.. I think it will be completed very soon. Best of all they have built a bridge to connect pungol to tampines! This means cyclists, joggers alike can travel to changi from pungol direct! Here are the pics.
thats when u wish for MTB wheels
Lor halus.. this used to be a dumping site.. 12 stories high 
bridge linking to Lor harlus which leads to Tampines
pavilion, maybe with Cafe? 
waterline of serangoon river
planking for the waterline plattform, I think
head gear for work


  1. Great pics as expected. I love the handlebars of yr restored bike. Really retro and neat!

    So Punggol really is going to be transformed. Shd be exciting to see it when all the work is done.

  2. Thanks Alvin for ur nice comments, appreciate it! .... it was really hot and I was sweating buckets taking the photos. But if u like it I will take more! Yah Punggol PCN according to the article will be done early next year. It will be quite fun to ride from Pungol to Changi.. without skirting around Ubi to bedok...