Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lugging the brompton to Sakura Ryokan

I had to write this so that I can tell a full picture to wasn't all a bed of roses at Japan...I extended 3 days in Japan to do more detailed rides and I couldn't afford the nice hotel at shinagawa. So I booked myself to Sakura ryokan which is located in the old district of Askakusa.  The place is simple but cosy... lugging the bike there was a real challenge, take it from me... bring a foldable trolley or u will not be able to move the bike around. I faced some minor issues like there was no elevator at Iriya train stn and had to carry the bike box up a looong flight of stairs. Well nothing that cant be solved.. just need patience and will power. The major station on the other hand don't have this problem and it was easy to manuver around. Here are some of the challenging terrain and the nice Ryokan I stayed.  Suzki san, the owner was very kind and his family stayed in the Ryokan as well.  For the record, I paid the full rates but I just wanted to share...  if u like to experience Japan in another level... u got to stay at here.

Now photos to tell all...
waiting for the train at Shinagawa stn, no problem here
getting interesting at Ueno Stn.. more people..

super long stairs at Iriya Stn.. no elevator!!oh no.. just carry, we can do it!
Nice price @ Sukura Ryokan

simple and nice room
totally unglam working area

Noticeboard on the activities around the area
This qualifies for the world smallest lift!


  1. Wow, I lovin' ur posts!

    I will most probably be doing the same soon!

    Do you recommend boxing up a foldie or just put it in a carrier bag?

  2. Hello Starringme, box it up for the shippingas it is safer and better protect the bike on the plane. At Japan, u need to have a cover to be able to take the train. And they allow the bikes to ride train 24/7, all the time. U will have lots of fun. If u going to Tokyo, let me know, can link u up with some riders.

  3. I read about this ryokan during my last trip in Tokyo, quite popular. But seems most ryokan are quite a distance from the subway. I love the way the box look at that flight of stairs!

  4. thanks matt, I like the shot too.. but it was a tough one.. lugging 18kilo up was no joke... :)

  5. Oic right, packing the foldie in a box does song a lot safer!

    Carrier needed, check!

    Thank you for the offer! But I could be going to Hiroshima and not Tokyo, need to do my research haha. Anymore advice for me? :D