Monday, June 13, 2011

Ewalker, Ubi ride and meeting Mr George Lin!

Lovecyclesg crew @ E Walker shop
12th June 2011. Sunday. 38 riders came to experience first hand Birdy, Reach, IF, Carryme and many more models from Pacific. The idea is to ride the bike in a route so that riders can fully appreciate the performance. All this was made possible by the generosity of Ewalker and Francis(  The air was full of excitement as the folks fitted the demo bikes and test rode abit around the carpark.
Steve trying the Sliver Birdy.. He tells me he loves it!!!
Boo understanding how CM folds down from Fude(Ewalker)
Audrey with the color matched Frog...
Me and my Carryme!
The route took us around Ubi >>Sims Ave >>Old airport road>> Dakota crescent>Mountbatten road>> ECP>>Kembangan>> Still road and back to Ubi. As usual we had a breakfast break at the famous old Air port road market. My observation when I looked around, the smiles and laughter.. the ominous "oh dear.. I really like it look...""  This is indeed an effective way of letting the cycling folks know your brand of bikes. Bicycles really need to be ridden to experience the performance!

Rolling herd of bicycles @ Ubi
Wilson with the IF bike
Lovecyclingsg pose... look at the guy in black, Centre.. that's how its done :)
Dakota Crescent, one of the oldest HDB in SG
Breakfast after some cycling is always nice...Andrew is upset as his food is not here yet...
Mr George Lin, President of Pacific and Carry me Designer, signing my Ferrari red CM... :)
What an honor! Mr George Lin's Signature = Micheal Jordan of bicycles !!! WOOOOHHH!       Photo credit: KC
Dun mess with me..
Nice buffet spread... thanks E-Walker!
Sharing some brotherly love
Mr Lin sharing with lovecyclingsg folks on the Pacific story
See the passion!!
On reaching Ewalker shop, there was nice buffet spread(thank you E walker!!) We also had the pleasure of meeting Mr George Lin and Karen of Pacific bikes. It was a real honor meeting the legend himself. Later on, as he gave a speech he shared on the Pacific motto, which is to innovate and not to copy others.  I was very impressed by the passion which he spoke of the brand and products. The man has been designing/manufacturing bikes for over 40 years and he still has fire in the belly so to speak, very impressive! One snippet of Carryme related by Mr Lin was that CM was actually designed for a hospital. They wanted a device/cycle which can keep up with erthe wheel chair bound person. Contrary to conventional impressions, some wheelchair folks are vy sporty. They used to ride sport bikes, run or cycle. There are some really good guys who can power their wheel chairs to speeds up to 40km?hr!  This mean that the caregiver would have to very fit too or he will have trouble keeping up. With this problem in mind, the hospital approached Pacific to design a bike that can ride slowly, doesnt take up alot of space and also ride fast(keep up with the wheelcar racer).  This was named the Pocket and following that Pacific continued to launch this as Carryme. The CM has lots of following around the world.. including Singapore. Mr Lin also shared that he loves the Carryme alot and have traveled all over the world with it. Altogether 18 Countries! Wow.... World traveller.    
Derek so happy to get the first prize..
The finale was a lucky draw kindly sponsored by E-Walker and our dear Derek Leong got the first prize while the 4 lucky guys(Badrul, David, Adriane and Peter) got 2 sets of Foss inner tubes each. Thanks again for Ewalker, Pacific bikes, JZ88 for T-loan of bikes, the buffet and nice lucky draw prizes! Looking at the faces of the riders, I think all enjoyed themselves and would be returning for a closer look at the bikes for sure!
More photos here for ur personal download.
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  1. Yep..Carryme started my obsession with folding bikes.

    The ride was fun and enjoyable....and the IF(Integrated folding) is a really beautiful bike!!