Sunday, April 15, 2012

LCSG Bikeskill course 2012

LCSG Bikeskill course 2012, a set on Flickr.
The much awaited Bike handling for LCSG folks finally started at *Scape on 15th April 2012. All made possible with the help by Kenneth of Singapore bike school and Simon of Lifecycle who sponsored the venue.
Conducted very professionally, Kenneth and his team taught very useful skills like riding on narrow plank, balancing and handling the bike on uneven ground. Even more interesting was the  balancing and trying to ride at the slowest pace possible. It looks simple but was actually very challenging.
All the drills were done in a very fun and interactive way. I see many folks looking very stressed and wondered if they can make it. After the session, I must say their bike handling indeed improved alot! Guess tomorrow there will be some sore muscles but is all worth it. Here are the full set of photos of this very memorable event!

If you or your cycling group like to do the course, pls kindly contact Kenneth who would be glad to help you out.

Bike Handling lessons as taught by Singapore Bike School
1) Set up the obstacle course and allow riders to try out the course. - 20min
2) Cycle thru the cones, concentrate not to deviate pass the cones. Objective - improve tracking and eye/hand coordination. Your bike will track where your eyes look
3) Plank course - balancing and tracking.
4) Salom- Learning to use body weight to make the turns.
5) Riding one hand- Better control of the bike. Improved cyclists confidence. Cycle around the perimeter and switch hands when the whistle blows
6) Learning to brake quickly when at a quick stop
7) Start off the bicycle and stand up - Improve bike handling and confidence
8) Slow riding and balancing- Whole team start from end of the park and ride as slowly as possible to the other end.

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