Thursday, September 20, 2012

School boy cyclist in a Coma after collision

This happened on 18th Sept 2012, Junction of Balam Road and Circuit road.  I am documenting so that we can have more information on the cycling incidents on our roads. My thoughts are with the boy and his parents. :( 

This is Balam Road/Circuit Road on Google map. Have a look at the accident area.

1) It is a residential area with 2 school with in 200m radius. Probably lots of students would be walking, cycling around esp during the early morning, after school timing.
2) 3 lane with a smooth banking right hander turn
3) Traffic light implemented at Balam/Circuit road, with sloping ramp for the elderly on wheel chair
4) A row of shophouses along Circuit road where pedestrians will try to jaywalk.

3 lane in single direction
Balam Rd/ Circuit road

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