Monday, December 30, 2013

Taiwan LCSG tour - 7th Dec 2013

After a very crazy work schedule, we are finally having a break. Woohoo!  So looking forward to this! 
Yes, I am going to Taiwan again.. that's 4 trips in 2 years!  My friend asked my "Taiwan so nice meh, you not sianz(bored)?"
Pls tell me how to be bored in the company of friends and scenery ?  April '13 @ Mukumuyu
Rice fields at Jiao Si - April '13
This are the views that make me come back again and again. 
Foggy night @ Taiping shan
Mt Wulin. On the way down
Be a kid again. Just play in a river.
Yes, it's a nice place and while it doesn't have the greatest views, I like it alot. I just love the friendly vibes I get esp. at the country side. Folks will wave at you, cheer you on with "jia you, Gambatte" . That's just wonderful and nice to be treated like a Tour De France rider...when you are actually going at a snail pace. haha. I guess why I am back is due largely to the culture and people. 
Travel Details
Flight - We took the midnight flight (Scoot) from SG to Taipei airport. It was a no frills flight but it's cheaper. It cost about $900 one way for 2 Adults and 1 Child. If you plan early and look out for "specials", there is a chance you get a very good deal.
Routewise, we will be exploring HuaDong area. That is RuiSui, Antong. Spending more time at each place to soak into the environment. I will share more day events so that the memories are captured and you can perhaps use this infor when do want to come.  
For food, we catered $5000 NT per person. That's for a 10 day trip and its $500 NT or S$22 per day (3 meals/tea time and whatever)
For the hotel, transport vehicles and guides, it was roughly S$1000 (please note that this is amortized greatly due to the group travel and also the diligent sourcing from George and Cindy).  
Our guides for the trip is again Guo ger and Fang je. Their professionalism and great service is something to learn from.
More than just guides. Fang je and Guo ger are friends. They are very good at what they do. 
VW Transporter as our mothership and bail out vehicle
Stop and have a break. The Transporter also acts as a resupply function
We got Coffee and tea! Simple gesture from Fang Je to make us enjoy the journey even more. 
From the Tao Yuan airport, we took the bus directly to TaipeiTrain Station. Our luggage was transferred directly to RuiSui(4 hour by regular train from Taipei) so that it saves us effort to lug the heavy luggage/bicycles. For myself, Kim and Momo. we had 2 30" luggage + 1 bike bag. The luggage transfer really help make it much more easier for a family to travel.  
From Taipei train Stn we travel South east to Rui Sui (ctr to right/east) 
Reached RuiSui Stn in 4 hour by train, the Ryokan owner drove us to the accommodation.
I like it alot. Quiet and super laid back.

Check it out if you happen to be in RuiSui
Once we settled down, the unpacking of the bike begin in a frenzy. All so excited and wanted to get their bike up and running. A variety of packing mode was seen. From the usual bicycle cardboard box, to soft lined luggage, hard case and very specific and innovative Evoc Bike travel case.  What ever... the intensity of the assembly was there and George with his Rohloff equipped MTB was the fastest assembled. By the time I got my camera, he was already adjusting his stem. 
Pack/assemble bike also so fast lor
Keng Yong checking his MTB Troll for any disc rubbing.
Nixs got an Evoc bike bag. Very nicely made
Nixs assembling his MTB. Very Pro

Sui Wan assembling her BF Crusoe
Dinner was at the town best restaurant. Nice food and friends. What more to ask for? The next day the ride will start. I can't wait. 

Makan time
interesting Beer carrier 


  1. Very well written and thank you for the wealth of information Tai Woon.
    The loveliest thing about Taiwan is its warm and friendly people.