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Taiwan LCSG Tour - 8th Dec day 2

Route: Rui sui to 石梯漁港 Shi Tee gang (Stone steps harbour) 
Distance: 30km one way (60km total) 
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Just eastward and follow the river to the coast. Simple right...  
Before we started the ride, Encik George gave a ride briefing on the route and what to expect. The terrain was to be "rolling hills" consisting of hills across really nice country side and having lunch at the beach. I prayed not so hilly as I didn’t really train much for this trip. Hope the 12-30 Cassette will work... 
One group photo before we start
Encik giving a briefing of the route and safety reminders.  
Roll off! yippee!
The bike selection for the ride was quite eclectic. From Mountain bikes, to bromptons, to dahon, birdies and bike fridays. Doesn't matter the brand and type. We will be having great fun!
Cycling and chatting away on a country road. Priceless!
Pierre pausing for a moment to take it the view

The slopes were "good workout" and I was so glad I swapped out my rear cassette to the newer 12-30 teeth. Personally the big 30 rear cassette was a great help to me and I find myself 30% of the time in that gear. In the countryside, hills are plenty and they are around under 400m or more. Our highest slope in SG is "Mt Faber"  and its standing majestically at 105m. So it will be natural that we find the going a bit tough. 
This is my way to cope. When I see the slopes coming up, I will shift early to the easy gear and spin my way slowly up. The crank revolution should not be too fast but regular cranking speed or abit more. Esp. for those with knee cap issue, take care and use gearing to help make the climb much more pleasant. 
Elaisha: "crank and crank... Are we there yet... gasp gasp" 
We rode together, taking in the views and photo opportunity at every corner.  Keng Yong and Elisha gasping for air as they crank up the slopes; Asked me… “Encik say no slope..so what is this?” …. I just smiled back...  “Now then you know, this is his rolling hills. Aiyah.. can one lah..slowly slowly lor"  
up the slopes we go...
With some pushing, cursing at some point, walking up the bike.. we made it up the slope. And there was more.
Nixs smiling as he crank up the slope
Too much slope for Elaine and she wisely took the lorry. 
The view was really nice and put every one in a really good mood. Coupled with really nice cooling weather.. it's the time for cycling!
Jen Nie with her Tyrell

Willip with his Brompton. 
Just nature and us cycling along
The red bridge 長虹橋! We are nearing the coast!
Pei Sze and her red Birdie. 
After the hill slope portion covered... it was the coastal road. Quite windy but very beautiful. 
yayyy.. we reach the coast!

We eventually reached Shi Tee Gang at lunch time. The place is a small fishing port where apparently is also a whaling observation spot. It took us 4 hours to clear 30km distance. 
blustery winds at the coastline
Nixs helping on a turn off. We reached the lunch spot!
fearsome harpoon. That must be for quite a big fish...
We had sashimi and lots of seafood at the seaside restaurant and retraced the hill route back to RuiSui. Overall, a very pleasant ride with the company of some coolest chaps and gals. 
Shi Ti Gang

Fishing boats bobbing gently at the harbour

Kim, Momo and me 

LCSG raiding the sashimi shop
sashimi direct from the sea
Juicy prawns. I like this alot

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