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Taiwan LCSG Tour 11th Dec 2013 day 5

Route: Ang Tong to 六十石山Lui Shi Shi Shan (60Rocks mountain)
Distance: 20 odd km. Mother of all climb(800m elevation)... Short but intense. Cold on the top. 
Photo link here 
Route from Ang tong to Liu Shi Shi Shan 
This is how it looks at 六十石山  - Photo credits from
Encik speaks "We going over the mountain, thru the tunnel. Abit tiring but ok one.  I ride slow ok?" ...silence...  
haha... lai liao... What will we be seeing today
Pierre fuels up... don't play play. Its all very serious business
Another drizzly wet day. After breakfast we started our ride. This time to Lui Shi Shi Shan. The area is famous for the golden needle flowers and when it is in bloom (Summer), many people would come and visit. 
This is the official Taiwan Tourism write up of the area if you like to know more.
From a couple who blogged about their experience there
Drizzling rain as we rolled along
foggy and misty
stopping for a hot tao hway and fritters
nice warm breakfast
The old lady boss was so happy that so many customers in the morning
December was unfortunately not the season to see the flowers but still, we just needed an excuse to be riding. 
The route was ok and flattish. 
Now you know what to do with that spare bike of yours sitting in the store room

The signage for Liushishishan
Turn in to more rice fields... I think thats the mountain we supposed to cycle up.. gulp
Most challenging portion was as the 60 Rocks mountain and the beginning 2-3km. It was steep steep. 
straining at the switchbacks.. it's really steep. I need a super granny gear

Engine over heated... 
lai lai.. have some bananas... Super helpful Elaine!
mid way up and this is how it looks
higher up we go
more foggy and colder as we reach the top
small beautiful violet flowers 

when the fog clears.. it looks great!

group photo on the top!
Tech tip. when too cold, wear a disposable plastic gloves and then your gloves. It works!
On the way down, I skidded into a bush even after applying lots of braking and slowing down. Do be very careful when you visit this location.   
full concentration going down... 

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