Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Taiwan LCSG Tour 11th Dec day 5 - Dong Li old train station

Old train station convert to "Steel horse" bicycle station
Sensitively done. Not cleaning up all the remnants but leaving some as a tribute to the history of the place.
After Liushishishan, we visited the 东里 old train station on our way back. 
soaking in the beautiful vibes. 

Places of interest around the vicinity. Very suitable for cyclist to visit.
Abit about the place. There was a major earthquake in1999. The tectonic rift plates shifted so much that the Taiwan authorities had to re-route the 2 train stations (Dongli and AngTong).  The former station was then re-purposed the old  a Park connector. The old train installation were retained and built upon. Nicely done without loosing the initial character of the place . 

drip coffee with a special milk that the boss show how is done. Very nice aroma!
have a cuppa!
There was a small cafe at the old Dong li train station. Over very nice coffee, we chatted with the friendly lady boss who was originally from Taipei. She told us her story that she quit her day job and moved to the countryside to do this. Simple life and not earning much but she finds it so fulfilling loves the whole place to bits. 
The cafe lady motto. 

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