Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shimano Cycling World @ Sports Hub.....park at the Stadium MRT. Really?

Edited note on 31th Aug 2014:
The parking issue have been clarified and yes there will be bike parking at the Shimano Cycling  World. 
I am happy and very excited to see that Shimano will have their Shimano Cycling World at Sports Hub and this was the press release that was mass-sent out......

With the Sports hub bike parking fiasco fresh in my mind, I asked for a clarification on the issue of bike parking. After all, this is THE Cycling experiential shop isn't it?  
Many of the bike shops in Singapore do offer bike parking. Thats the norm. This is one of my favourite bike shop(C2C).... look at the parking consideration for the riders. Nothing glam but it works. Most importantly... the bikes are within sight. 
outside C2C 

And this is the reply I got from Mileage communications....  :( 
Yikes... I guess they probably don't ride and don't get it (cyclists perspective). Guys I tried...... 
So please keep your nice bicycles at home when you go visit the Shimano Cycling world. Or if you have the courage and confidence in the Singapore system... park at MRT station(REALLY??)

"Hi Taiwoon
Thank you for your email and concerns regarding the absence of bike racks for parking bikes at the Sports Hub.  We have checked and found that there are bike racks at the MRT station exit towards OCBC Square.  Bikers can use the racks when they visit Shimano Cycling World.
We look forward to welcoming you and the cycling community to Shimano Cycling World when it is opened."
Kind Regards       
Denise Luo
Account Executive
Mileage Communications Pte Ltd
Mileage House 52B Club Street
Singapore 069429
T:  (65) 6222 1678
F:  (65) 6222 5378

Added on 29th Aug 7.40am. Email to Mileage Communications
"Hi Denise,
Thank you for the reply and I am sadden that you do not understand the cyclists perspective. There is no way the cycling folks will be using the bike rack at MRT due to the security issues. 
I have shared this out to the community so that they will know not to bring their bikes and the alternative bike parking location(@ MRT) as you have pointed out.
Lastly, I want to express how disappointed I am on the lack of bike racks/parking at the Shimano Cycling world which is supposed to be the meeting point for cyclists and sharing of experiences….
But there is no place for their bicycles. That’s really a big shame.  
I will also feedback directly to Shimano Singapore on my concerns and disappointment on this small but very critical consideration. 
Taiwoon "


  1. What a shame, let's hope Shimano Singapore can put some weight on this matter.

    1. Caven, it happened! Now you can park ur bikes at the Shimano Cycling World! this it the reply!