Saturday, February 14, 2015

Simple life simple pleasures

I had a nice morning with my little girl, Momo. She asked if we could have Mac Donald's for Breakfast. Yes sir, they are not exactly the breakfast of champions nor the most healthy choice. But when I see her doey eyes, the answer was clear. We will have Mac Donalds! 
Welfie using the HTC RE camera 
Check out the wide pavement @ Punggol. This is prime potential for a cycling path! 
It was about 3 km away and we took the bicycle. The morning air was cooling and nice for a ride.  On a sat morning, there was also less frantic traffic which was good for riding. 
Rolling slowly and feeling a cool breeze brushing on my face
Momo says Yummy!!!
The journey was 95% on Pavement and we took special care to slow down when pedestrians were near by. No fuss no funny look. Just plenty of smile when they see my little gal with her Mega smile and pink bike. 
Let's go explore a different path home.... 
We found a nice playground! 
Let's pump it up 
Life is simple. Lets not complicate things. The best things in life are just around you. Treasure them, Love them. 
Momo: "Daddy, i like it very much.. can we do it again?" Me:"  hahah of course!"  

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