Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lifepaint by Volvo comes to Singapore

This is one cool initiative by Volvo sometime back and I must say I was quite impressed by it (when I saw it in the internet). 
Essentially it is a reflective paint that can be sprayed on safely on clothing, skin, bicycle. It is transparent in the daylight and when in a dark setting, with a light source shined on, the surface will reflect back the light. Its one pretty nifty passive safety measure.  
Like many of us, I was impressed but there were no other information how or where to get it. And I kind of left it at that. 
This is a good video on how the life paint is supposed to work and why Volvo did this initiative as part of their CSR effort. 

A few months past and one fine day I received a very friendly tip off from Tony who wanted to connect me with Volvo. It was about life paint! I was gobsmacked and very touched by his gesture. 
It also validated the trust and the good work of Lovecyclingsg. 
We have been working as a community to improve the safety of cyclists by many means. 
From organising regular rides so that there are safety in numbers and the newer riders can learn from the experienced riders. We also did a collaborative mapping of road dangers and even documented the accidents in a bid to help bring awareness to the more dangerous spots for cyclist. 
In addition, LCSG have also regularly supported of Nparks team in numerous ride events. There are simply too many initiatives started by the community and it's simply awesome! Dear LCSG folks, I am really amazed and proud of you! 
So...I have a batch of life paint we will try this out the following week with LCSG  Event details here. 

Disclosure: Volvo Singapore provided the life paint FOC to Lovecyclingsg and there are no other form of compensation in exchange for the editorial coverage. 

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