Monday, November 23, 2015

Testing of the Life paint

This friday we will trial the life paint with 30 riders and I thought its better to do a "guinea pig" on myself or my stuff for that matter. I was assisted by my little girl Momo.  We tested a black fabric bag, Long board, shoes and helmet.
To make it more interesting, I did a heart shaped template(for obvious LCSG reason) to see how it would turn out. Just look at the instructions, shake the can for 1 min and spray it on. Thats it.
For light source, I used a small torch light to shine and the effect was not too good. But I am sure if a car headlight shines on it the surface, it would be really bright and reflective.

Take away after the test , Life paint works better on fabric, porous surfaces. It does not do well on smooth glossy surface like helmet or bike frames. Very easily the coating will come off. This are the photos of the test in action.  Want to try it out yourself, come on by here   Do bring a bag, tee to try it out. See u friday evening!
testing with Momo
in the night shadow with out the life paint 

Simple heart template 
Spray it!
Effect using a small torch light

Flash photography 

Trying it on my long board 
Adrian Oh, this is for u! 
Tried out the paint on helmet but it didn't work well. Flakes off too easily 

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