Saturday, December 22, 2012

Impressions of a Taiwan Coast guard Stn

Smiling and ready to help. 
On my trip to Taiwan I saw something that impressed me a lot. In most unlikely places.. a Coast Guard Station!
It is called 设身处地  She4 Shen1 Chu3 Di4 which I can't really find a same word in English. Perhaps the closest words in English are Heart, Consideration for other and Empathy... not that it is worth any money but it "won" my heart away. That is not an easy thing to emulate. It comes from within... and their character just shines through.. in small thoughtful ways.
Day 4, we cycled along a nice lovely stretch and saw this interesting building. There was a sculpture of a whale carved out of the tree trunk. Moving closer to investigate, it was a Coast Guard Station in the "middle of nowhere."
The whale sculpture drew me closer...

The small vertical sign near the red button translate" Service from the heart bell, buzz me if u need help) 
We parked our bikes and walked around the compound, taking pictures and goofing around as we always do.  This caught my eye.  Nice. Not just ramp for the physically impaired, but also a button to help them up the ramp. Small things matter.
I also sense a certain pride from the Coast Guard in charge when I pointed out the small gestures.  Like a joyful happiness that someone noticed the effort. Pride in what they do and doing it lots of heart... what a real treat and unexpected find!
They made this windmill facing the sea... Nice!
Aunty Audrey tinkering her bike 
Bicycle Service tool artfully placed like a painting. Free to use!
Small thoughtful gestures. Several degrees of shortsighted glass for the elderly to use and read the brochures. Free wifi some more.  You can also fill up your water bottle and use their toilet, free and no charge or frowning faces. 
simple thank yous from the visitors... 
Colorful map of the area is painted on the room walls. 
Even a nursing room for mummies and babies! This is a Coast Guard Station... wow!
Also a corner to showcase their local tribe and culture. 
Lots of hand painted cartoony stuff, makes it very approachable to the public. 

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  1. Hi hi...interesting read! Whereabouts is this coast guard (approx location?? I will be heading to southern Taiwan next month. Thanks!