Saturday, December 22, 2012

LCSG Southern Taiwan day 5 12th Dec 2012

Full photo set here 
Ruishui (瑞穗)resort 
own porch for ur bike and quiet surroundings
How it looks inside... very nice and woody
Fuel up before the ride... you just never know
We started off from Ruishui (瑞穗)resort towards Hua lien using the route 193. It snakes through Huatung Valley (花东纵谷) to Hualien. Since the parallel, wider and faster highway 9 opened, 193 becomes a quiet road, perfect for cycling and sightseeing. It cuts through the hills and run parallel to the valley, both sides are mountain ranges with beautiful low hanging clouds, right next to us is basin area with fertile farmlands and villages. The view is breathtaking, beyond words and cameras. It is like the last unspoilt land on Earth. You have to be there to experience it. 
Crossing a bridge and  seeing the beautiful sky and view just make me cry out with joy

   It is nice but have a bit of slope along the way. Average about 300 m, bearable and makes me miss my moulton alot.... when I ride the Brompton.... haha.. you win some, you lose some. 

Nick and grandma facing off.... 
This is Marcus Yeo account of the route.... " Another reason I took so little pictures is the undulating terrain and head wind (After the whole trip, George told us he purposely planned the trip so that we experienced headwind all the way. Thank you lor Encik!). Slope after slope, it sucked dried all my energy. I was on the borderline before the lunch break. After lunch, it was hell. 
During the last push, we faced a daunting climb, probably 300-400 meters. To put into Singaporean's perspective, is to climb Mount Faber 4 times non stop. I pushed on, on 1st gear, pedal by pedal, I reached the top. I found strength that I never thought I have. My greatest takeaway for this trip." 
Route 193... must go place!
Marcus chasing after Bernice... chiong ahhh..
golden fields!
Rolling as one
Me and Nick "Pong Chek" in the numerous slopes.. so we take photo..
The beauty of the golden sun rays and clear open skies just make us smile. Words can't describe the simple pleasures of cycling with friends and nice greenery. Up and down...some of the slopes reminded me of Wu lin and eventually we reached Hualien famous 3 smoke stack... 76 km! We did it!
by the river bed.. 3 smoke stack = Reach Hualien! 

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