Thursday, December 13, 2012

LCSG Southern Taiwan day 1_8 Dec 2012

Steve and Bernice with their Dahon packed and ready for Taiwan!!
Fav uncle George for the 3 princess 
We arrived 6am in the morning, all looking bleary eyed but in very high spirits. The weather was not too good. Light drizzle (all the way) but nice cooling weather at Sun Moon Lake. 
We visited Puli Wine factory, learn abit about wine making and lots of wine relate products. This is also an evolving business where it is now more Wine education and local culture than full on wine production

Rice wine factory rear side... from the car park
mobile drink stall
Kimi trying out how heavy the rice is
Beer bottle in another use
Drizzle drizzle... 
Makan stop @ Pu li
Later as we reached our hotel - Sun Moon lake Teacher hostel... There was a light drizzle and very foggy.
The Bromptons and KHS came early part of the afternoon and we were like kids assembling them. Jack was very nice to bring all the bikes to our hotel. This saves us alot of effort to pack and transport. Not an easy task if u factor the children and all the stuff we bring. 
But not much riding.... Sunset early by 5ish... we had dinner at the town and headed back..
My 2nd Brompton, for my wife haha
Jack helping aunty Audrey on her Tikit
Marcus and Jack... so happy that didnt have to lug the bike to SML 
Steve and Bernice KO with flu and still not well... their dinner was just plain white rice under doctor order. But the rice really tastes good!
Rain became heavier and foggy.. not possible to walk... and the Giant shop at SML was closed for the day. Let's hope tomorrow will be better weather and our Dahon couple can recover by the rest tonite...

Full photos of the day action here 

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