Thursday, December 8, 2016

Home,Cycle, MRT, Cycle, Office - with a Carryme!

Today I tried mixed multi commute to work. 
With the 6 month trial to allow folding bikes, PMDs into MRT in unlimited hours, I have to support and try it out. Turns out to be pretty awesome!

The route is as followed. From Punggol field, I cycled to Punggol MRT, took the train to China Town MRT, cycled Peck Seah Street.  
It took me about 45 mins including a short breakfast at Maxwell market.  

I "real time" shared my trip experience with Lovecyclingsg folks and it gathered almost 100 likes!  Not too bad for a small joker bike!
Small bike that can
The bike I used is the Pacific Carryme. It's more of a walking alternative really and while it's looking comical, the bike works.  
Best part of it is that the "footprint" is as big as both ur feet area. 
Its tiny! This is how it looks folded up. 
Pro tip: use a velcro strap to hold all the dangly bits. Colour matching is for style points
I used the Carryme as I wanted to have the most compact fold and just something I can cycle easily to the MRT without waiting for the feeder bus or the slowish LRT service.  When folded up, I could easily manuver the bike around. I took extra care to be nice and moved to the first carriage to make it pleasant for other commuters. No one seem to mind abit which was good. 
The peak hour senerio inside MRT 
lost my way around Chinatown area... but having fun nevertheless

Quick brekkie at Maxwell market
My new work place at Peck Seah Street. 
In summary, the train at peak hour(morning and evening) is really really packed. I think you need a lot of confidence and practise folding ur bike before attempting this. But it is really quite possible. Just be nice, take it slow and be super considerate.  
Overall I quite enjoyed the experience. If I would do it again. Yes! Definitely. The bicycling brought a smile to my usual boring commute. And I will also bring a small hand towel to dry my sweaty head :) ... Maybe I will do it tomorrow!

ps:  It's quite ironic as my new workplace, I have a city direct bus 666 which is a godsend.  But... I think I like cycling!

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