Thursday, December 30, 2010

Impromtu Ulu Pandan Park connector ride

Did a impromptu ride with Matt, GL from Buona Vista MRT to ride along the Ulu Pandan Park connector in the morning. The PCN track was shady and very relaxing. I am now thinking if I should park at Portsdown road and ride to work... hmmm it is definitely doable. We passed by a disused Train track and some nice flowers along the way... Looking at the PCN, I am really hearten and looking forward to the day when all PCN are connected and we can all ride island wide... and I think it will soon be a reality. Well done NParks!
At the end or Ulu Pandan PCN, we did some bashing(led by GL) to find a shortcut to IBP Synergy- to Bukit Batok to Guilin.... but our efforts were foiled by a big drain nearing Jurong side. We did a detour and to see the little Guilin and meet 2 other riders - Ahmad and Steve who have a super bling Dahon. Later, we headed to MBS(Mybikeshop) to meet Lun as he wanted to get a Dahon. After several rides.. he decided to get a midnight Blue MU P8... happy as a bird we bid him good bye... and at night.. I recieved a text from him " Want to ride?" Wow! Wondeful and what a change!
More photos here...
Matt, GL, Jogger

Disused train tracks
nice PCN
lovely flowers and bees
in case u get lost... 
GL doing a cross terrain bashing
Ahmad at Little Guiling
Steve with his Bling Dahon
Bling wheels set...and he really rides fast
Matt- just this 60 teeth Crankset.. and I will smoke GL...
Boys in Candy store...
Eddie came too... "how har.. buy or don't buy... " bike! Who is the lucky owner
Lun smiling after his wallet became lighter... 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Kampong and Jalan Kayu roti prata ride to start a new year!

Last Kampong in SG... take photo to tell your children and friends...SG got Kampong... for now.. 
Roti prata! My Fav way to start the day!  photo credit

Ok ok.... like many of the folks want to go see this place...soooooo... let's do it! 
Old Kampong Buangkok and Jalan Kayu Roti we come! Sorry for not being a Sunday morning as I have another appointment... LTG tear down.
Ride details
Date: 3rd Jan, 0730
Meet point:  Punggol MRT Outside the main control station, near the bus interchange
Points of interest and route:   Matilda house near pungol MRT stn -- Kampong buangkok ---Jalan Kayu Prata --Seletar airbase old houses -- Jalan Balart--- Punggol MRT 
Any bike, any size... easy ride for all. 
Distance: Agar Agar 15 km... I think...See here Route
Pace: Slow and easy
Items: bring ur camera, insect repellent (if u dun want to donate blood to mossies) and sunblock....
Pls register for the ride here...
Route we will be taking  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why is fort road called fort road?

I passed by Fort road many times and sometimes wondered why was it called Fort road. Me and Matt went early and rode around... and found this interesting fact....
Apparently long long time ago there was a fort built around the area(Katong park). The fort is no longer around but u can still 2 loyal soldiers doing guard duty at Katong Park.  Explore around the Katong park just off Fort road and you will see some signage containing more information on the fort. What a nice surprise!
Standing guard, day and night
check out the lucky number on the railing 

Direction towards Fort road

Fort information and a park!
A game of the former Fort compound

Xmas day ride at ECP

Group shot before the ride
Dec is a busy month for me with Little thoughts group activities. And I haven't had much chance to ride with my cycling kakis. We met at ECP Mac donald's for a leisurely ride to Changi village. I guess, it is the people that makes the difference.  Eddie and family, Clarence with his friends, David( 2of them!), Darren, Brandon, Mary, Badrul, GL and Matt-- all chatting away on the latest bike mounted MP3 speakers. This is what riding should be about.
Also finally got to see GL bike.  looks impressive - all specced for speed-  Durano tyres,  dropbars, 60 teeth front crank, Ultrega rear derailleur.  He was fast... and in typical GL fashion, deck out fashionably in flip flops.  Here are some shots of a relaxing day at ECP. More here .......
This is GL bikebag for his xtoor bike... we think can hold full size bike too
Clarence, GL and Andy
latest tech ware for the tropics
Mary with her Brompton M
Matt looking real comfortable at a good pace! 

GL, David, Mathhew
Mary with matching Tee and shades
David on a Brompton R 6 speed
Changi point Nasi lemak, the best!

U know who are friends when u need to change tyres
Clarence. Man of the ride.. who graciously carried someone's bike down the stairs 

Taking cover from rain
Glad to be out of the rain
It really poured
At least we are dry...sort of 
It rained again at ECP lagoon food center

Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Kampong in Singapore

I remember reading about this place in the new papers a few years ago. Last Kampong in Singapore?  Should be gone by now... No way it can still exist right?  But there really is..located off Gerald drive, near Buangkok green. It is quite a strange feeling when I visited the place today. Most of the people were out and it was very quiet. I walked around looking at the houses and it looked just like any village in Malaysia. The funny thing is if u walk out of the kampong area abit... u can see the towering HDB blocks.
Just a normal kampong...the very last in Singapore which will be gone very soon.... I don't know how long it will still be there for... My suggestion is to go and see it if u haven't. To have a glimpse and remind ourselves of how things used to be. I think we should ride there, see see...shouldn't we?

Reach there by Yio chu kang road, aim for Gerald Drive. There is a Esso petrol station and u will see a forested area... that's where Kampong Buangkok is located.

For more detailed information and reading

just in case u get lost... 

so this is how SG kampong looks like
Peeking in
feels like Malaysia, but is Singapore

worn but still workable
right smack in the center is kmpung buangkok

Thursday, December 23, 2010

off old holland road with Carry me

Life is like that... I was driving to attend a meeting and almost reaching the place, I received a call that it was cancelled as someone cannot make it. Duunhhh... what to do now? I was "stranded" near Buona vista area and then I thought maybe I go check out a route that Brother Alvin mentioned before. - read here >> 
I drove my red van along Ghim moh to holland road and found a place to park at old holland road to begin my recce. The carry me is now a permanent fixture in my van and it helps me explore areas quicker. I rolled along the shaded old holland road, passing by expensive landed property and cars which cost more then my home.... It was a down slope which was nice.. "wait till the ride back up I suddenly thought of... never mind. And I think I found it..Brother Al is this the place? And in case u wonder ....yes, I had to struggle with the upslope to reach my van... :)

my red carry me ready for deployment
nice shady old holland road
Rail way tracks
gravel road... not too good for carryme
overcast day