Sunday, April 24, 2022

Lovecyclingsg visits the Sembawang hotspring 24April2022

After 2 years hiatus due to Covid measures, we finally restarted LCSG sunday rides. Well maybe not as regular but hopefully it can kickstart more folks to jio rides. We met at Khatib MRT and it was a nice healthy crowd (40).  Many new faces and also very heartening to see the regular ones coming back too. Some rode with LCSG since 10 years back. It was really nice to chat up with them and meet new ones.  I am sorry if I forgotten ur names and pls remind me when we meet again. 

The route was simple, tracing the PCN and abit of the pavement thru some really congested junctions.  The nice thing was everyone was really chilled and we had no issues clearing even the crowded places. In about 15 min of really slow cycling, we reached the Sembawang hotspring and many took their eggs, and boiled it using the hot spring water.  Brenda and her friend (Lynn?) was super serious doing up the eggs and offered some to the riders. Its so nice of u!  I took the chance to dip my feet on the water and chill with Francis. Its nice.Later on we visited the memorable Mee jiang Kway at Blk 313 Sembawang and some breakfast.  

Then headed towards the Sembawang park, with the really nice colonial black white houses. It was then, Mr Lim shared this was his training route and offer to bring us around... oh mannnn can he ride like the wind and it was a heart pounding bonus slope ride. Most amazingly he felt not warm up yet while we were all panting and sweating buckets.  What an cool demonstration of fitness, by a 82 year old senior! 

more cool photos of the ride here by Eugene and Francis