Overseas ride

Touring. it is fun and liberating! Try it someday
I realize that my overseas ride are all "buried under the blog entries" .. so placed them here for easy reference. Enjoy!

Summary notes for Cycling Tour
I compiled a list and notes so that I can better share my experiences and give everyone confidence to try out cycle touring

Bintan tour 2010 - This is my first Cyclo touring ride where I first caught the "bug" and met Bro Al, Papa Mike, Steven Tang, Kelvin and Joshua hii

 Ride from Kluang to SG.. my first 120km!  - This was the inspiration for the Singapore 128 ride. The day my ass was on "fire" 

Japan Oct 2010
Packing the Brompton for Japan - My first time packing Brompton for travel overseas.
Shinagawa, Japan - First time bring a foldie. Thanks to Francis Chu encouragement. It really is fun!
Oct 2010 Brompton @ Ride Aoyama  - A great event led by Toshi Maeda san

Brompton @ Ueno toufu shop - Simple life with passion

Japan Late Nov 2010
Carryme at Tokyo
 Creativity at the 11th hr - In Japan, there are no time limit on bring the foldies into train. BUT you must "cover up"....
Carryme at Yokohama - I brought my CM to FujiXero meeting. After a whole day of meeting... I unfold and ride to explore Yokohama. The folks were all shocked I could bring a bike into office!

Thailand 2011
13 July 2011
Mekong ride with Al and friends  - A part of Thailand which I never visited before

Taiwan March 2012
Packing the Alex Moulton TSR for Taiwan trip
Up Mount He Huan Shan with LCSG  - Links to Bro Al and Chris Wee excellent ride account of the wonderful ride up Wu lin.
Brompton and Tikit at Seven Star bay 
Da Tong Fan Guo  - This is a very Taiwan essential item which has a real emotional ties
Frog Cafe and meeting Mr Frogman himself!   - This guy is my inspiration and he have inspired alot to cycle around Taiwan and how enjoyable it can be.

Taiwan Dec 2012
Pre Briefing by Encik on the route and what to expect..
Taiwan Dec 2012 day 1  - With LCSG team visiting Taiwan 2nd time in a year!
Taiwan Dec 2012 day 2  - Around Sun Moon lake
Taiwan Dec 2012 day 3 -  From KenTing to Southern Tip and the Feng Chui Sar route (super duper windy)
Taiwan Dec 2012 day 4  - From Zhi Ben, passing through Taitung to Hua Lien. Nat Geo Window location
Taiwan Dec 2012 day 5 Rui Sui to Hua lien. The beautiful route 193... must try route!

Reflections after riding Taiwan

Taiwan 民宿 Ming su concept - An intimate to experience Taiwan. Home stay. A must try!

Taipei PCN impressions

Taiwan April 2013 - We are back to Taiwan again! 
The route by George (Encik) 
Thinking of bring Bike Friday Pocket Rocket for a Tour..
Packing Bike Friday Pocket Rocket for the Taiwan Trip
How my fellow team members pack their bicycles for the Taiwan Trip
A nice mountain bike called Stripe

Taiwan April 2013 Day 1 - SG to Taipei - Ping Xi and Fulong bay
Taiwan April 2013 Day 2 - Fulong- CiaoLing Tunnel - Lighthouse and to Jiao Si

Taiwan April 2013 Day 3-  Up Tai Ping Shan! A tiring day!
Taiwan April 2013 Day 4- Down hill portion of Tai Ping Shan 
Taiwan Aprile 2013 Day 5 - Hualien and her PCN routes

Taiwan Dec 2013 - We are back to Taiwan x 2 
Taiwan 7th Dec 2013 Day 1- SG-Taipei-Rui Sui. And why I keep going back and basic expenses
Taiwan 8th Dec 2013 Day 2 - Rui Sui to Shi Tee Gang. East along the hills to the coast line. 
Taiwan 9th Dec 2013 Day3 - Rui Sui to Ang Tong. Flattish route. Ricefields photo op!
Taiwan 10th Dec 2013 Day 4 - Ang Tong to Wu Shi Bi. Small Coastal outpost. 
Taiwan 11th Dec 2013 Day 5- Ang Tong to Liu Shi Shi (Sixty rocks). 
Taiwan 11th Dec 2013 Day 5 - Old Dong Li Train station and have coffee 
Taiwan 12th Dec 2013 Day 6 - Ang Tong, PCN and to Walami trail
Taiwan 13h Dec 2013 Day 7  - Ride and then Pack up from AngTong 
Taiwan 14th Dec 2013 Day 8 


  1. Need your advice on getting a 2nd hand Brompton or Flamingo in Japan or Singapore? How much lower it usually cost compare to new one? Thanks, John Tan also from punggol but now working in Kyoto Japan.

  2. Japan I am not sure. But u can try checking the prices of Brompton in Singapore at Diginexx website. I know Bromptons are cheaper else where but servicing in SG will be abit iffy if u dun buy from Diginexx.

  3. Can you share about your experience and tips of buying a used bicycle? Especially on the Brompton, $, how and where. Thanks !

  4. hi, I just go and see the bike up close and personal. Do it on a bright sunny day. See how the guy handles the bike and if the bike has been taken care off. Rust or cracks on the frame, then walk away. I have noted that SG pple hardly ride their bike... so a second hand bike is a good idea and good value for money

  5. hi Taiwoon,
    I am very keen to join bike touring rides if you are planning any. i saw few of your posts of that in lovecyclingsg. But the thread it closed. I'm okay with most countries. I'm quite a season commuter who commutes daily to work (at slow steady pace) but have not overseas cycling experience.
    I have requested you as a friend at facebook.
    btw i second your thought that its very value for money to buy second hand bikes and components in sg. Many under 1000km stuff on sale :)

    Candida Loo

  6. hello there!

    i'm looking out for foldies for my boyfriend (1.79m) but I am quite concerned whether he's too tall for foldies, or foldies are not suitable because just for him to get out of the house to the nearest bus stop, he has to ride 1km but there's up and downhills (familiar with begonia road?)

    also, i dont suppose places like TR bikes bring in foldies or change parts/service foldies??

    1. I am a 1.75m westerner in SIngapore and I find my Brompton's seat pole at full extension perfect. If he wants he can try at Diginexx to see how it feels, or Brompton off a telescopic seat pole for taller people, and, a new "H" model that has taller handlebars, maybe look at one of those. Chances are the H model isn't 'off the rack' at Diginexx like other models, so that could be a 3-5 month wait. Their service is friendly and excellent by the way.